This Girl Narrates How She Was Sexually Assaulted on the Streets and It Is Heartbreaking

You may deny it, you may find every other reason to blame a woman, you may protest against it, but you cannot ignore how sexual harassment and assault is a pertaining act happening all over the country, all over the world. Be it in the West or in the East; sexual harassment is prevailing in different sorts and it makes our heart bleed.

Narrating the following story, I am sure a lot of people will comment, “she shouldn’t be wearing such clothes then. She shouldn’t have been on the streets while wearing such clothes. She shouldn’t have been alone,…” so on and so forth. But neither a burka nor a pamper stopped a harasser.

Aakarshi Sharma from Indore Shared the Horrible Incident That Happened to her In the Roads of the City

She shared that she was harassed for wearing a skirt!

And Then She Narrated the Entire Incident in the Thread

They Will Blame it On Everything Else than on a Man Who Carried Out the Act

A Point to Ponder

Unfortunate Indeed

This doesn’t happen in India only; Pakistan is also on the list as many acts such as these happen in our nation but most of the times, women are afraid to come forward because they know that they are the ones who will be stopped and punished, not the other way around.

Kudos to Aakarshi for gathering the guts and speaking on this ordeal she had to face. It takes courage to speak regarding the sexual assault and she gathered everything she had to speak about it.

Hope the world becomes a better place for women once.

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