Yikes! 7-Year-Old Girl Places 42 Orders On Foodpanda By Mistake & Then All Riders Came Together

Yikes! 7-Year-Old Girl Places 42 Orders On Foodpanda By Mistake & Then All Riders Came Together

42 foodpanda orders

A seven-year-old girl tried to place an order for two boxes of chicken on Foodpanda. However, she ended up placing 42 orders for the same item because of her slow internet connection and a glitch in the service’s app. Can you imagine, 42 boxes of chicken?!

The girl was staying at home with her grandmother since her parents were both at work. They left her a smartphone so she could order some lunch for herself and her grandmother through the Foodpanda app.

Apparently, this was not the first time she ordered food online. In fact, she had done it many times before with no issues. However, this time around, things did not really go as planned.

Source: Facebook

Due to a sluggish internet connection and some random erratic behavior from the app itself, the girl unknowingly ordered her chicken cutlets 42 times. It was the result of her repeated tapping when the app decided to malfunction.

On November 25, the girl ended up with 42 Foodpanda riders arriving outside her home at the same time, only to find that the order was placed by mistake. Each bearing the same order of chicken cutlets, along with rice and French fries.

Source: Facebook

According to her neighbor, Dann Kayne Suarez, who recorded the incident in a Facebook live video, the girl was visibly scared and upset when the 42 riders showed up outside her home. “What happened was the girl continued tapping on the app – unaware that there was already an error in the system,” says Suarez.

What! 42 chicken fillets?

According to the details, while a bag of chicken fillet costs only 189 pesos ($5.30), she would have had to pay 7,938 pesos for the sheer quantity delivered. The girl only had enough money to pay for a single order.

“The child cried. I pity her because she did not know what had happened,” Suarez recalled. Upon finding out her mistake, the child started crying. Many of her neighbors rushed to help the child and bought some of the food from the riders, but many riders left without delivering the food as they were getting late for their next orders. 

Source: Facebook

But who can blame the child, right? All she wanted was her chicken cutlets. Despite the chaotic scenes, the neighbors banded together and bought most of the excess orders from the Foodpanda riders. This way, the majority of them would not have to leave empty-handed.

We believe, this way everybody had an amazing ending, except for a few Foodpanda riders who did not manage to sell their orders. It is pertinent to mention here that the 7-year-old girl belongs to Cebu, in Philippines.

Oh, the struggle of having a slow Internet is nerve wracking! Can you even imagine if the same happened with you? We highly doubt our Pakistani neighbors would even be kind enough to not let the riders go empty-handed. Hopefully, the 5G will revolutionize the Internet.

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