Crossing the Border For Love – This Girl from Japan Marries a Local Boy from Sadiqabad

If you think your crush won’t reply to your message, maybe this following story will give you hope. With the advancement of the internet, indeed, communication has become easier than before. If you are in a long distance relationship, talking to one another may not be difficult. However, with the passage of time, you indeed wish to see the love of your life, right?

We have heard ample stories where someone converted for the sake of love. Each time we hear such stories, we pass a sigh of relief, because well, at least something allowed them to embrace the right track.

Meet Sajid Mahmood and Haruna Sakurai – the Newly Wedded Couple!

People of Pakistan

Sajid, who lives in Sadiqabad met Haruna Sakurai from Japan through social media application Facebook. The two felt the connection, fell in love and decided to take their relationship to a different level.

People of Pakistan

After a while, Sajid invited Haruna to visit him in Pakistan. With the difference in religion and being in love, God made things easier for the two. Haruna converted to Islam and instantly, Sajid decided to marry her.

After a while, the duo tied the knot through the court.

Look at How People Reacted to this:


Arey Bhai Bhai Bhai!


Moral of the story? Bro, if she ain’t replying you now, she may reply you if you keep trying because if Sajid could find his love miles away from the country and contribute towards making her Muslim, anything can happen!

So don’t lose hope – you may find your Haruna through social media one day as well. *Wink*


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