This Girl Was Fooled When She Purchased A Lawn Suit Online

This Girl Was Fooled When She Purchased A Lawn Suit Online And She Has A Warning For Customers!

The craze of lawn is in the air. Just like every year, we witnessed a sky-rocketing increase in the prices of designer lawns and even so, the best designs of these lawns were out of stock within days of the launch. A lot of online shoppers know that many home-based sellers purchase stitched and unstitched lawn pieces and then sell them by keeping their own profit margin.

There are a number of online pages and groups on Facebook where women sell designer lawns. From original pieces to first copies and replicas, you will find everything and anything on these pages.

While these groups have their benefits, the biggest downside is how you can be fooled. Same is what happened with Alizeh Alam!

Facebook: Alizeh Alam

Just as a number of Pakistani women who save their time and go for buying designer lawns online, Alizeh did the same. Little did she know that she will get played while trying to be a designer lawn piece. Here’s how she narrates the story:

“Okay so i write this upon a few requests, i ordered an elan suit, how exciting!
Well, i got a super cool replica in return.
Let me share the fun part, the parcel came in a very untidy form, which made me open it before handing over the pending amount which was 3900 where as i already paid 4k through the bank transfer.
Once i opened it and returned, the rider called her up.

My mom spoke to her and told her its a replica, oh well; she went out of her mind.
She started shouting over the phone “teri kabar se 3900 nikalwao gi” ???? ok later my mom was in utter shock upon such a tone, so she asked her to speak in a decent manner, so miss sadaf bano again lost her shizz and said “teri aukat nahi hai elan ki” ????

But, you know the saddest part? The rider was shocked and ashamed. He was apologising on her behalf and he said “yeh app ko call kar ke maafi mangay gi, yeh mera wada hai” with knowing he was just a rider but more courteous than miss sadaf bano.

So, girls please dont get fooled before she informs you whats your aukaat. ????????.
Happy shopping. Yay!”

Alizeh also shared the link of the fraudulent page here:

To all the ladies reading this, be very careful whenever you shop online. Always go for pages that have decent rating and go through the reviews people publish regarding the page. Addition to this, when you are planning to buy a lawn suit online, always go for COD (Cash On Delivery) options.

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