This Girl Exposed The Admin Of This Scam Facebook Page

This Girl Exposed The Admin Of This Scam Facebook Page For All The Right Reasons!

When it comes to finding jobs online, often various people have been through ventures which turned out to be scams. I wouldn’t be the first one to tell you how there are multiple ventures and people online who lure their way by offering you a nice job and then end up running away.

In Pakistan, however, something like this happens often, especially in the freelance industry. What matters the most in facing scams over social media is that none of the unfortunate events take place in physical reality and are limited to cyberspace only.

Similar to this is what happened with Hira Khan who applied for a job on a Facebook page. While many social media users would’ve come across this post, Hira, seeking for a job opportunity availed the chance, something which many of us would’ve done as well.

The way the admin of this Facebook page conversed with Hira not only indicates how inappropriate he was, but also that the company basically, seems nothing but a scam.

Facebook: Hira Khan

“To provide comfortable company and be pleasing in a physical way,” is this how businesses like such actually wish to function in the market? Do brands like these feel they can get away with such horrendous attempts of luring girls by posting such jobs?

This is not the first time this Facebook page made such posts regarding the vacancies for a job.

As someone who experienced something as awful as this, Parhlo got in touch with Hira Khan and she shared some words of wisdom for people, especially for those girls who are commenting on the post for a job opportunity:

“It’s ridiculous to see people who aren’t even afraid of posting a job like this online. Not accountable to anyone. I got blocked when I tried to post this screenshot all over. There were around 300 girls commenting on the post asking for the details. God forbid, but what if someone walks in for an interview like this?

Girls need to be very careful when appearing for an interview or something. You need to know the exact source and always take someone along with you. Thank you Parhlo for writing over this issue and creating awareness.”

Hira can definitely pass a sigh of relief as something as awful as it happened over social media and not in physical reality. To all the ladies reading this article, it is a request, woman to woman, please be careful. There are all sorts of people out there and we need to be extra careful.

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