This Girl From Peshawar Shared Questions People Ask Related To The City And They Are Hilarious!

Peshawar is probably one of the most mislead cities of Pakistan. While one may deduce that there is a lot of terrorism and extremism in the city, many do not bother to actually evaluate how the city has improved. Sure, there were times where women were deeply oppressed in Peshawar and even in 2017, there are still a number of families who do so, but this statement is now a generalization.

Given how the circumstances in the city have improved, Sidra Amin, a 22 year Lahori who has spent a major chunk of her life in Peshawar shared the stereotypes people often asked her regarding Peshawar.

Here’s how her observation starts:

LOOOOL At the Bambari!

I Must Say, This One I’ve Heard Too, A Long Time Ago :p


Probably The Most Asked Question, I Am Sure

But…They Are Two Different Cities????

Because They Think There Are No Schools There

I Thought They Are Sarriyal…



WOW x 200000


Sidra shared with Parhlo how she finds it funny and sad at the same time, at how people are ignorant of a city like Peshawar, which is the capital of a province.

It is funny how people still think that Peshawar remains what it was years ago. Given how the residents there state the otherwise, a trip to Peshawar now is a must!

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