GOALS! This Girl Drives Cab To Fund Her Studies After Father Dropped Her Out Of School

girl cab studies father dropped school

Are you a feminist? ‘Yes’, some readily answer. While the others grimace and deny. Feminism empowers women to achieve their goals. Whatever they may be. Doing what you want to do in life, fighting for what you want, and not waiting for it to be given to you. A teenage girl named Komal just proved that! This girl drives a cab to support her studies because his father dropped her out of school.

Oftentimes, you have no control over your circumstances. However, you do have control over who you are and what you want to achieve. Such is the story of Komal, a 19-year-old cab driver.

Her story was shared by a woman on Twitter, and her tweet narrates the bold and challenging journey Komal has undertaken, in order to fulfill her dreams. As it appears, Komal’s father forced her to drop out of school. But the determined and courageous girl fought back and decided to fund her studies on her own.

In addition to this, Komal said, “Abi tu college jana ha or life main bht kuch karna hai [I have yet to go to college, and so much more to do in life].”

Everybody holds a different perspective of what feminism is- but what is the true meaning of it? THIS. Like the person who tweeted this said, this is the real meaning of feminism!

Here is how the Twittersphere reacted to this

Such a brave girl! We truly hope she achieves her goals, and reach her full potential in life. It is also pertinent to mention here that the girl belongs to India. She is from Delhi. Moreover, the girl began driving the cab a year ago to support her studies after being dropped out of school by her father.

Last year in Pakistan, several inspiring stories of mothers came forward that stepped out to avail the opportunity of driving a rickshaw to provide a better education for their children.

This gave the opportunity to many women who were not necessarily highly educated, a chance at a better secure future for them and their children. We definitely need more initiatives like these as clearly women of our nation want to work and contribute but do not have the means and resources that would facilitate them.

While we continue to talk about inspiring women, not so long ago, a woman named Samar Khan achieved her epic career goals after being abandoned by her in-laws. She was the first Pakistani girl to break stereotypes and cycled all the way to northern Pakistan!

Extraordinary stories of courage and determination often come from seemingly ordinary people. All these women defied all odds standing in their path to achieving their goals, and they are indeed a great inspiration for us and a gift to our society.

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