This Girl Claims She Has Converted To Islam But Twitteraties Say She Is 'Fake'

This Girl Claims She Has Converted To Islam But Twitteraties Say She Is ‘Fake’

Fake Islamic conversion

Ever since the evolution of social media platforms, certain norms in our society have changed drastically. Social media has become the platform to become famous, earn money, or disseminate information. Certain claims made online fetch great reactions.

Recently, a girl named Jessica Griffin claimed to have become a Muslim on Twitter, which got her multifarious followers. Nevertheless, many are saying that her account is fake.

Griffin’s first tweet is recorded on June 6. On June 9, she tweeted about Islam.

After accepting Islam she changed her name to Javeria from Jessica.

Besides, in some of her tweets, she expressed her views and feelings regarding Islam.

Is she fake?

Looking at Griffin’s tweets history, it seems apparent that the lady has recorded a history of tweets from June 6. On June 6, she has written a plethora of tweets all regarding Islam. Consequently, she got numerous followers. Many know about the fact the more followers one has, the more one can earn or disseminate one’s views to influence people.

Here’s what many commented on her tweet prooving that she is fake.

This tweet depicts her old profile and messages which are being used for a couple of people. The messages are can be seen clearly used on two profiles.

Pakistanis are overjoyed when anyone accepts Islam. People are also praising Griffin for her decision. However, some are terming her fake. If she is real and has converted, Griffin is welcomed. But, it must be understood that it is wrong to use Islam for personal gains.

Anyway, it is yet to be established she is lying. However, a majority of Twitter users are convinced that she is fake.

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