This Girl Is Breaking Stereotypes By Becoming Pakistan’s First Ever Dhol Player And Singer!

Meet Arishma Maryam – Pakistan’s First Ever Dhol Player And Singer

Facebook: Arishma Maryam

Facebook: Arishma Maryam

Female Dhol Player and That Too, In Pakistan…?

We were as surprised as you are, but man, she is super good!

As a fan of music, Arishma thought of doing something new, something which no one has done so far. Choosing dhol as her forte is definitely something no one would’ve imagined. Breaking all the odds and not caring about anyone, Arishma is definitely setting her own mark now.

Support Matters A Lot When You Are Doing Something Unique And Seems Like Arishma Has A Treasure Here

Facebook: Arishma Maryam

Facebook: Arishma Maryam

She Is Inspired By India’s Female Dhol Player, Jasmeen Kaur

Arishma shared idolizes Jasmeen Kaur and she believes she can create a better image of Pakistan by playing dhol as a female player.

Facebook: Arishma Maryam

Facebook: Arishma Maryam

Even Nasir Khan Jaan Is A Huge Arishma Maryam Fan!!


In an interview, Arishma gave to Jaag TV, she expresses how thrilling it is to be playing dhol and how she wants to embed her name in history by being Pakistan’s first ever female dhol player and singer.

Arishma also expresses how her parents and family are extremely supportive. Arishma covers all sorts of joyous events and it is a thrill to watch her play with such perfection.

Here’s Her Playing At A Wedding In Faisalabad!

Just look at her – standing confidently in the crowd and playing like a professional. Her beats can literally make people dance all day long!

And Here’s Another Amazing Performance: Arishma Mixing Her Dhol Skills With Mika Singh and Honey Singh’s Damma Dum Must

She Has Arif Lohar As Her Fan As Well!

Singer Falaak Shares Best Wishes For Arishma

Arishma is aiming to do something new for her name and for this industry. It is a thrill to watch her play in this confident and superb manner, utilizing her skills to the fullest. Arishma is the first of her kind – our Punjabi culture enjoys dhol playing to the fullest, but we have always seen men doing this.

Arishma is doing something which is never done in Pakistan before. The ritual of dhol playing in weddings or any other event is extremely fun and Arishma makes sure that she lives to the expectations by her amazing performances.

We wish all the best to Arishma and hope to see her groove on those amazing beats of dhol!







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