‘Let’s Talk About Adult Things’ A Guy On LinkedIn Asked A Girl & Then This Happened


How many of you believe that boys will always be boys? We see many of you, particularly boys, smirking while reading these lines. People say that men will never change because they all are the same, no matter what age or size or country.

Recently, a girl on LinkedIn shared how a young attractive guy wanted her to indulge in some talk about adult things. What she did to him next, was a total googly. And, holy moly, the guy must have not expected such a response.

‘Adult talk’ on LinkedIn

So the story begins like this in her own words.

“Yesterday, I received a connection request from a young attractive guy…about 19-20 years old… I was curious.”

The girl was curious to know why someone that young wanted to be her LinkedIn connection, so she accepted his invite. As expected, then he started sending her private messages.”

Eh! Mark these words guys. Girls on the professional networking website LinkedIn hate it when some irritating creep asks her questions like, Good morning! Where you live? What are you doing nowadays?

A naughty smirk or just a playful smile

Give us a break! Seriously. Back to the ‘adult talk’ story…

“He called me beautiful. He asked my age. I’m not a liar so I told him and reminded him I’m quite a bit his senior. And I let him talk a bit cuz (truth be told) flattery ain’t all bad.”

“We kept chatting for a while and within a short time, he asked if we could talk about ‘adult things’. I said ok. Then he replied with a face like. He said ‘thank you, babe, you start.”

Here comes the bomb to destroy him…LOL!

“So I did! I told him adult things like I have arthritis and my knees hurt badly. My back acts up when it is cold outside. I explained that I have crazy insomnia. Didn’t forget to tell him that I have a pacemaker. And of course, I told him about the laxatives. Can’t forget that.”

Image: LinkedIn

OMG! Can you imagine his facial reactions only by reading this?

The girl continued in her post, “Didn’t forget to tell him that I have a good quality denture. I was as honest as I could be about ADULT THINGS but I don’t understand why he blocked me!”

After all the real ‘adult talk’ the guy had to block the girl.

A message for creeps on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is professional networking, not your personal or social space. It is not a place for your time-killing with women or hitting on them. It’s not a platform to use a connection request to offer useless compliments or comments.

Guys, just grow up or just leave LinkedIn. Thanks.

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