This Pakistani Girl just asked Interesting questions to the Savage Scholar Who We all Love!

Just yesterday, you must have come across the story of a Muslim scholar Shaykh Azhar Nasser, who has recently been replying to the tweets he gets. Okay, these aren’t just ordinary replies but some real savage ones. Shaykh Azhar just proved his sense of humor to all and we’re loving it. His savage replies literally stole the show!

Shaykh Azhar has become the latest sensation on Twitter and he sure has proved a lot of people wrong. In what way? Well, it is said that scholars are people who possess a strict nature and humor does not pass anywhere near them. However, we love how Shaykh Azhar Nasser is perfectly balancing ‘deen and dunya’. He is definitely setting a perfect example for every Muslim out there.

Moreover, he was recently interviewed on Twitter and was asked 7 questions… He also mentioned that he had 10 minutes to give. HEHEHE. And so the interview began!

Like we said, his humor really caught everyone’s attention.

Who wouldn’t want to take heed of his advice?

His words are captivating!

 Take notes, guys

Marriage has always been a concern amongst the youth…

Okay. WOW.

The last question was the BEST!

And these are the tweets we’re talking about…



His tweets and his replies are surely entertaining yet inspiring at the same time. Him, taking out time for this interview, truly proves what a humble person he is and we’re really looking up to him! It is indeed a very big deal. Shaykh Azhar Nasser is now becoming popular and can surely make your day if you’re following him on Twitter. Why don’t you go ahead and follow him?

If you guys have questions to ask him, go ahead, shoot a question. Let us know what you think of this amazing scholar because we’re truly inspired!

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