This Girl Says She Will Allow Her Future Husband To Marry 3 More Times & People Are Losing It


In our society when one thinks of a second marriage, the first thing that comes to mind is: would it be lawful with the previous wife? Normally, any woman would have an issue with sharing her husband with another woman. But let us introduce you to this girl who is ready to allow her future husband to have three other wives.

From the outset, polygamy seems to privilege the men in our society and disfavor the women. This is mainly because they do not enjoy the similar right of polygamy as the men do. Whereas, those in favor of multiple marriages believe that it is highly in favor of women.

How, you ask? Well, they believe that a co-wife is not cruelty on the women as long as they both are maintained in an equal fashion in terms of their attributes. In fact, you would be surprised to know that many women around us approve of their husbands having other wives.

Epic Reactions Of Pakistanis After This Girl Says She Will Allow Her Future Husband To Marry 3 More times
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Recently, we happened to stumble upon this social media user who strangely, approves of polygamy. A girl by the name of Fatima Noor appears to be perfectly okay with her future husband having other wives besides her.

According to her Twitter bio, Noor is a doctor by profession. Noor also claims she is a Pakistani. The desperation of finding a life partner can be easily deciphered from her numerous tweets.

I will allow the one I marry to have three wives, says Noor

Before we get onto how the Twittersphere has reacted to her unconventional beliefs, let us enlighten you with the series of her tweets endorsing polygamy.

She appears to have hidden her identity as the girl has used pictures of an Indian singer throughout her posts and as her profile image.

Noor believes that second marriages should be promoted in order to allow the widowed, divorced, and elderly girls to find their life partners.

In her latest tweet, the girl states that whoever she marries, she would allow him to marry three more times. However, note that the pictures on her profile are not hers.

It must be emphasized here that many women actually consent to this to protect their husbands. However, they fail to realize how it works against them. And religion is never an acceptable reason to violate human rights.

More so, even Islam allows a man to have four more wives, but on certain conditions. Only if he can look after the welfare of his first wife as well as the women who come after. He is not allowed to neglect the needs of anyone.

Unsure of what her story is, we cannot really tell why she is promoting such a controversial act. Nonetheless, the sentiments of other women should have been considered, keeping in mind the outrageous number of men who remarry without the consent of previous wives.

Here’s how the Twittersphere reacted to it

“How can we tell you this? Only the person you marry can tell. But for your information, even if wives do not allow second marriage, men still keep 2-4 girlfriends. Along with the expenses, responsibilities are also less with them. Do not get fooled, ladies.”

“You are already half bald. The three others to come would make you completely bald. So it is better for you to become my second wife.”

“This is like not wanting to get married. Because you can only allow once for a second marriage. Only the second wife can give permission to the third wife and third for fourth. Which is quite impossible.”

“How brave of you. Other women cannot even tolerate hearing another woman’s name.”

“You should only marry once. First, fulfill all her needs and if you cannot do that, then why even have three more wives.”

“I wish you could marry me. We will see about the second marriage later, first marry me, please.”

Well, the reactions have been confusing. But do you think it is right to promote such a controversial thing on a public platform?

What do you think of this story? Let us know in the comments section below.

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