Internet Crisis In Gilgit Baltistan Is Forcing Students To Hike Mountains & Study

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The issue of online classes has caused a lot of problems for many students as well as parents who have to make sure that they accommodate their children. The banter between Twitteraties and netizens has called out HEC on multiple occasions; however, just to their luck, it isn’t of any such use as of yet.

In addition, when we bring into consideration the northern areas, online classes, and internet services tend to take an even more dire and twisted turn. Recently, students residing in Gilgit Baltistan are calling out the imposition of online classes; by bringing forward the issues they have been facing. They are being forced to study under continuous extraneous situations, where they might have to walk for hours and miles, just for the sake of accessing internet services.

The reason why online classes are being protested against is that Pakistan still isn’t in a position to viably opt for online classes provided the weak internet infrastructure. As saddening that is, many students living in the main towns of Gilgit Baltistan, are unable to comprehend the services to a maximum.

Hiking mountains for education!

What makes the situation worse is that students had been asking for a semester break continuously, until the situation of the pandemic was brought under control. It would have made the entire process of studying and learning far more easy than what it has become for these students; moreover, they are likely hiking mountains, risking their lives for the sake of attending these classes.

Just the thought of hiking up a steep, edge cliff or a mountain; just for the sake of classes sounds unamorous and extremely anxious. Now to think, that these students of Gilgit Baltistan are putting their lives in danger just for the sake of getting an education. The idea of online classes is becoming not only drag but also an inconvenience for many people.

Protests against online classes all over Pakistan

Many students across Pakistan are protesting peacefully against the online classes, many are even signing up petitions; however, the outcomes have been so far of no luck. There is no such compensation or relief provided to students as of yet.

In fact, recently, some students were mercilessly locked up by the police in Quetta for protesting against online classes; not only is this act by the police setting up a poor example of our authorities. Rather, it is also showing that there is no room for assistance and aid when needed.

Is this the country we want to show the world we are? Is this what we want people to think about us? We don’t think so. I think it is time, that we start to work on more proficient ways to tackle these problems.

Let’s just hope, HEC takes these issues and problems of Gilgit Baltistan in mind; and provides some much-needed compensation to these poor students. And real soon.

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