This ‘Ghost Chair’ In A Karachi Restaurant Is Freaking Out Everyone! Is It For Real?

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Whether you are more fascinated by the mysterious and the supernatural or real-life horrors and atrocities that actually took place, you can find inspiration for your next spooky trip here. Karachi has its own charm due to its historical history. But with the old heritage and stories comes the spookiness. A freaky incident took place in a restaurant lately, but people are not sure whether it is true or fake.

As much as you enjoy hearing ghost stories, witnessing one is not as much fun. With Halloween just around the corner, two guys just witnessed and recorded a paranormal activity while having their meal at a fast-food restaurant in Karachi.

Let’s dive into the dark, the eerie, and the unsettling event. Yesterday, a social media user posted a video in a food group about how a restaurant in Karachi is haunted by an alleged ghost. According to the video, the two friends were enjoying their food at the restaurant at Rashid Minhas road.

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While one was calmly eating his pizza, the other one was filming the surroundings. In the video, he was talking about how the chair behind them had literally just moved. However, while he was alluding to what just happened, the chair actually moved, but this time to a wholly moved from one spot to another.

You can clearly see in the video that without anybody touching it or sitting on it, the chair moved in a quick motion.

The ‘ghost chair’ throws the guys into a panic

While one guy was recording the ‘paranormal activity’, and the other was eating, both jumped with fear witnessing the unsettling happening. Both were quite freaked out by the moving chair, and apparently, left their meal and got out of the restaurant.

In the video posted by the person who filmed it, he shares that his hands were shaking while posting about it. He said after seeing the chair move on its own, they even left their food without finishing it and ran out of there. In fact, they even paid the bill from their car.

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In addition to this, the guy pens down that when he and his friend complained about the moving chair to the waiter, his unbothered response was, “Sir koi baat nai, hojata hai kabhi kabhi (Sir no need to worry, this happens sometimes).” Seems as though for the waiter, a self-moving chair is something that happens on a daily basis. Could this get any more creepy?

However, many people had a lot of mixed reactions to the video. While some found the video to be quite entertaining, many made witty comments and believed the video to be fake.

Fake or real?

Source: Facebook

Oops! Well, the video might just be another publicity stunt or a marketing strategy. In fact, if you take a close look at the video, you can clearly see a cursor while the chair moves. Some people also claim to see one leg that the guys forgot to edit and remove from the video.

Spot the cursor here!

Source: Facebook

Also, how come the other two customers at the restaurant were unbothered by the incident, and continued having their meal? In fact, they did not even once look at the moving chair.

Source: Facebook

Watch the video below:

So what do you think- is it real or fake? Does this place add to the list of haunted places in Karachi?

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