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Getting Your Hair Washed At A Salon Can Give You A Stroke!

Yes, this may seem unbelievable but it is 100% fact! Not many people know that you can actually get a stroke just by doing something as conventional as having your hair washed at your local salon.


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In the medical world, they actually have a special term for this called, “beauty parlor stroke”…


The reason for this phenomenon  is that while your hair is getting shampooed, the arteries in your neck can get cut or torn due to hyperextension or any whiplash-type motions that happen during a salon visit…



This is exactly what happened to Elizabeth Smith


A CT scan revealed that an artery in her neck had been damaged by a shampoo chair and sink at “Blowbunny Salon”. Elizabeth, a mother of two, first felt the symptoms appear eight days after a visit to the salon. “I had weakness in my left arm and leg, I just didn’t feel right. I was standing up to point, and I couldn’t stand.”


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After months of rehabilitation, she is now suing the salon for the immense amounts of physical and psychological damage she has gone through and is trying to spread the word about this relatively unknown phenomenon!

Awareness About Beauty Salon Stroke


After her ordeal, Elizabeth is trying her best to get the word out about this easily avoidable hazard. She says that all you need is to, “Just really pad it up with towels so you’re not hyperextending. So what if you get a little wet when you wash your hair?” 

Prevention Is Better Than Cure, Share And Spread The Word!  

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