Get Your #PersonalizedPerfection Message from Kubra Khan.

Get Your #PersonalizedPerfection Message from Kubra Khan.

Embarking on a hair care routine is just like beginning a skincare one. Once you’ve hit the right combination, you’re going to stick to it forever. However, the process of finding a perfect hair care routine can be both daunting and complex, especially when there are numerous hair types, styling techniques, and hair care products that can easily confuse you. How can one find the right mix of hair care elements to create the perfect hair care routine for them?

This is where TRESemmé comes in! TRESemmé has kicked off the year by revolutionizing finding the perfect hair care routine for women in Pakistan. Nearly every woman has suffered from confusion with their hair care in their life. Especially in Pakistan, women with unique textured hair often find themselves at a loss for how to style or take care of their hair properly. This prevents them from accepting their hair’s natural state and allowing themselves to be their authentic selves.

Through their #PersonalizedPerfection campaign, TRESemmé aims to equip young women in Pakistan with the right hair care knowledge and inspiration to achieve healthy and beautiful hair—all within the comfort of their homes. Having healthy, beautiful hair performs no vital functions, but it is a sign of individualism. TRESemmé believes that following a hyper-personalized hair care routine is the key to achieving that.

TRESemmé has teamed up with Pakistan’s beloved actress and #Trespert Kubra Khan to break the clutter of cookie-cutter hair care guides and tips online and offer personalized expert tips delivered to you directly. With Personalized Perfection, TRESemmé and Kubra Khan are bringing hyper-personalized hair care advice to young women, to help them begin the journey toward shiny, beautiful hair.

TRESemmé’s campaign targets young women who have been following the generic hair care routines following the same ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. Not only does following these generic hair guides won’t just be ineffective for the hair, but might also end up damaging it further. Now with the #Personlized Perfection campaign, women can say farewell to the run-of-the-mill online hair guides and say hello to personalized hair care with TRESemmé.

By leveraging its social media influence and providing convenient and speedy hair care guides, the campaign has already kickstarted strong, garnering rapid online attention. The pivotal success-driving aspect of the campaign has been a video message with personalized hair care solutions from Kubra Khan herself, which follows the hyper-personalized content guidelines to a tee and sets the campaign apart from others in the competitive market of hair care.

The #PersonalizedPerfection campaign itself is easy to join by just clicking on the chatbot on the website and activating the chat by sending a “hi”. From there, it allows users to choose their hair type from the given types of hair (straight, wavy, curly, or coily). Remember to send in your name and your query about hair care next. Within a matter of a couple of minutes, you will receive a video message from Kubra Khan with custom hair care tips and recommendations for you.

By successfully helping young women across the nation access inspiring, educational, and empowering hair care content to learn about their hair and achieve #HairGoals, TRESemmé has set itself at the forefront of the professional hair care world. The brand’s success lies behind the convenience and diverse product range it provides to its consumers, and the custom hair care campaign upholds the same objectives by empowering women to find their true hair type with hair care tips, style guides, and product recommendations.

TRESemmé aims to break the cycle of bad hair guides and wants women in Pakistan to begin a journey toward accepting their hair, and that starts with learning to care for it properly. We don’t want you giving up on your hair simply because you can’t find the proper hair care guide. Instead, TRESemmé decided to bring tailored hair care advice straight to you, directly to your inbox. Throughout the years, TRESemmé has continued to remain committed to revolutionizing hair content as we know it and promoting diversity and inclusivity with personalization in hair care.

Join The TRESemmé’s #PersonalizedPerfection Campaign Now!

Wave goodbye to generic ‘how-to’s and DIYs when it comes to looking after your hair. The #PersonalizedPerfection campaign is taking custom hair care to another level. We love that TRESemmé is empowering young women throughout the nation to take the reins of the journey of achieving the perfect hair care routine in their own hands by learning how to style, treat, and care for their hair from across their screens. The campaign imparts the message of independence, confidence, and learning to become one’s authentic self with hair care personalization.

We want you to revolutionize your hair care routine with TRESemmé’s #PersonalizedPerfection Campaign for a truly individualized experience, made complete with Kubra Khan’s exclusive hair care tips.

Send a message now and begin a custom hair care journey with TRESemmé!

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