“Geralt Sharpen His Sword”-Witcher Season 2 Secrets Revealation

It’s hard to see your favorite game turning into a TV show, most of the shows made but couldn’t deliver the same amount of energy the way “The Witcher” did in 2019 December.

The Witcher one of the most popular games from the developers, who produced an unfinished game Cyberpunk 2077, and failed to satisfy the people.

When the Witcher show was announced, people got excited and fulfilled every aspect of transforming a game into a TV Show.

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Under the Netflix label, the show got huge popularity, several events took place and the main lead the witcher played by “Henry Cavil” managed to portray the same character that every gamer had witnessed while playing.

The show is purely based on book series written by Andrzej Sapkowski.

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Since season one outstandingly performed up to the mark, that raised more expectations among the fans regarding season 2.

Now fans madly waiting for season 2 and looking at the hype of it the makers also revealed some insights along with the new cast as well.

The show will hit the streaming platform in 2021, after numerous delays because of the pandemic and injury that occurred by the leading man Henry Cavil.  

Everything You Need to Know:

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Till now the creators didn’t reveal any release date, as Lauren Schmidt gave the statement “We don’t yet have a target launch date for season 2, past 2021.”

But within few months, the Witcher revealed the release date on Twitter and made their fan more curious.

Another big news for the Witcher fans, that another prequel of the show will be released. Named”The Witcher: Blood Origins.

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Season 2 contains six-part action-packed show, that takes place 1200 years before Gerald of Rivia where monsters and men emerged to be the first Witcher.

A whole new show with different cast and plot.


The Witcher shared the synopsis, so the audience can have a little bit of idea. As mentioned, Ciri will be the center of attention, as Gerald would be assuming that Yennefer died at the battle of the Sodden at the end of the first season.

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Another reason for giving the main attention to Cirillia, it’s just because the whole plot is based on the book and as per the book, Cirilla creates the whole saga of the series.

New Entries:

Along with the existing cast, recently The Witcher revealed seven cast members which include some of the familiar faces that will boost up the hype of the show.

The cast super bomb, what else the Witcher fan want more than outstanding actors gather at one show to make it another hit.

Looking at the plot, cast, and hype, it looks like season 2 will surely break all the records and let the audience live the world of Witcher. Let’s hope the release date revealed stays the same and no other obstacle comes in between Geralt and Cirilla.

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