This Peshawar Girl Will Soon Become A Boy After Court Gives Her Permission For Surgery

This Peshawar Girl Will Soon Become A Boy After Court Gives Her Permission To Undergo Surgery

Pakistan Peshawar woman

It is truly inspiring to see how one achieves what they truly desire. Especially, if one is in despair or is facing a mental illness. In a country like Pakistan, mental health isn’t given much importance until and unless it leads to harsh outcomes where pain and regret are the only left options.

However, ALLAH listens to all in pain and is always going to help His people in need. A young woman had signed a petition just yesterday where she requested the Peshawar High Court to give her a permit for a surgery. The petition was signed to allow this minor woman to change her gender through surgery.

Although, this sort of issue might be seen as quite a troubling thought for almost every Pakistani individual; we must comprehend the Peshawar High Court for allowing this young woman the chance.

Pakistan Peshawar woman

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The reason why the woman wished to get a gender-changing surgery is that she was facing a mental disorder known as ‘Gender Dysphoria’. This is a mental illness that leads the person to feel uncomfortable and distressed in his or her own gender.

What causes this disorder?

Although, the reasons for this disorder are different and unsure yet it is one of the most recurring mental illnesses in Pakistan. Many societal norms and patriarchal pressures are most likely to make one think in a certain way. Most of the time we notice that women are pushed to feel deprived or are seen as the inferior sex. The gender discrimination and complex are one of the most common and prominent aspects of our society.

Pakistan Peshawar woman

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Sadly though, so consistent is the pressure of patriarchy within the society that it isn’t nice for girls to speak their minds and boys to express their emotions.  Hence it is only in due time that the bundled emotions within start taking a toll on their mental health.

Pakistan may be a free state, there is no doubt there. Yet the saddest thing to date is that we are only as free as our mind wants us to be. And the societal pressure that we face every day from centuries-old norms and concepts is the only cause of depression and other mental disorders in our society.

Now don’t get us wrong, it isn’t that we are standing against the narrative that Peshawar high court took or the girl’s desire to be a boy. Nor are we saying that it is only the societal pressures that cause gender dysphoria to occur.

No! What we are saying is that there is little chance that gender dysphoria is growing in Pakistani because of societal pressures and patriarchy.

We want to thank Peshawar High Court for understanding the importance of mental health and for making the right decision.

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