Minor Girl Files Petition In Peshawar High Court To Change Her Gender Permanently

Pakistan Peshawar woman

Misery surely makes the worst come out in every person. It pushes one down into deception and silent aggravation. While many may succumb and fall into its vicious trap, some feel defeat is not an option and might fight back. However, the wheel of patriarchal misery has for sure made women feel not only oppressed but devalued in the Pakistani society for decades.

A minor girl whose name is being kept hidden for the sake of privacy filed a petition in Peshawar high court requesting to have a gender reassignment surgery, so she can cater to her family. Although the Peshawar High Court has asked Hayatabad Medical Complex to look into the case. The reason behind the girl’s desire to change her gender lies under two narratives, one being the pressure of the society. The other is that the woman is suffering from ‘Gender Dysphoria’.

Pakistan Peshawar woman

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She is requesting the court to allow her to have surgery, so she can cater and look after her family. This isn’t the first case of a change in genders. However, the woman is pleading to have a petition, which allows people to face the disorder, get a chance to change their gender likewise.

What is gender dysphoria?

Gender Dysphoria is a condition whereby an individual is likely to feel uncomfortable with their own gender. For instance, this woman used to feel anxious, uncomfortable, and experience distress in her own skin, being a woman. She has requested a change in her gender.

However, there are a lot of causes of this disorder to occur between individuals, most of which are yet unclear. One that seems quite probable, given the norms of our society; is patriarchy.

Pakistan Peshawar woman

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Patriarchy has always made it difficult for our society to strive and stand out. Women from a young age feel less accomplished, and more like a burden in almost every household. Their accomplishments and hard work are most likely overshadowed. Hence, there is a likability that the cause of this disorder can be due to the norms and expectations which are becoming a practice in our society.

Regardless, the petition was heard by Justice Qaiser Rashid and Justice Naeem Rashid. According to the counsel of the petitioner, the case isn’t the first to have occurred. He receives messages of both men and women, that are fighting the disorder to either get their gender changed or the required treatment for the illness but are too afraid to stand for it, provided how the society will cast them out.

The court is ordering Hayyatabad Medical Complex to provide a complete report on the matter which will answer these questions:

  • The report of the woman’s sexual condition. If a change in gender is possible?
  • What is the possible treatment of the woman?
  • What are the medical risks the woman is likely to go through?
  • How can the hospital assist the woman?

The counsel of the petitioner also is saying that a final decision is still pending and will only be made after the hospital submits the final report.

Story Credit: BBC Urdu 

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