Gen Zong – A State of Mind

Let’s Get Digital Gen Zong – A State of Mind

Pakistani mobile network Zong 4G has been leading the race on all fronts that makes a telecommunication company first-rate. The brand that launched the largest 4G network in Pakistan and is now endeavoring to introduce 5G has established itself relentless in its digital innovation.

It is this self-same relentlessness that makes Zong 4G’s Gen Zong campaign spread far and wide like wildfire.

The primary reason for its success is the relatability of the Gen Zong movement. The novelty is Zong 4G connecting people not just from strata of youth but from different generations to ultimately constitute a tech-savvy nation that is bestowed with enlightening digital freedom.

Zong 4G fulfills this purpose by uniting Millennials and the Gen Z under the banner of a blazing fast and infinitely reliable network – a network that situates itself at the heart of making Pakistan rich in digital shrewdness.

Zong 4G disseminates its message with great sensation. The essence of Gen Zong campaign is quite fantastically encapsulated in the titular video song ‘Gen Zong’ that has become the very pulse of this campaign.

Featuring Ali Zafar, the heartthrob for the older population in particular and Danyal Zafar, the darling amongst the younger generation, the lyrical battle in which the message is wrapped in cleverly depicts that Zong 4G is the voice of a digital revolution that is for all demographics of age.

At the core of the Gen Zong campaign is the “Let’s Get Digital” tagline, which also finds apt representation in the song video underlining range of activities the youth can be seen enjoying.

Such astute marketing has rarely been executed before. It makes Zong 4G’s mission statement, philosophy and strategic excellence set itself apart from the competition who may also be aiming for holistic digital connectivity and lifestyle.

Gen Zong makes their job a tad bit too tough to back its marketing with exceptional service, It can be stated with little doubt that digital empowerment would equip the nation with the very arsenal needed for its prosperity.

Yes, the younger generation are skilled with digital savvy, but who will bridge the gap between their proficiencies and of the older cohorts?

And even if we consider the talent of the younger groups, could skill really thrive or even survive on its own?

There has to be a platform that allows one to plug in the inherent skill into the port that would propagate integrated digital success. Zong 4G representing Gen Zong is that platform.

In its mission, Zong 4G does not restrict itself to wide masses, but also targets cohorts such as promising entrepreneurs, industrialists, businesses alike.

A campaign of such gravity can leap only skyward in its far cry of “Let’s Get Digital”, inducing in all those who align with the vision of digital alignment the sentiment that: here lies something greater than ourselves, a unity beyond categorization of age or ability.

No, at the end of the day, Gen Zong is but a state of mind, revolutionizing the creation of a Digital Pakistan.

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