GCU Lahore Professor Gets Called Out For Harassing Female Students On Video Call

lahore professor harassing female

Since childhood, we have been taught that your teachers deserve the same status as your parents. And most of our lives, we believed the same. However, recent events and mass expose of teachers harassing students, has changed that narrative. Another similar case of harassment by a professor has gone viral on the internet. Coming from the Government College University, Lahore, a professor from the Physics department has allegedly been harassing female students.

In a viral post, the alleged victim wrote: “These are the screenshots that my friend sent me and I decided to speak on her behalf. She has been failed two times in the same subject from this teacher and all he wanted was to remain in contact with her and her friends who were also failed repeatedly.

He has been calling the whole group of my friends repeatedly. He just calls to say ‘Video call per ayen’. The girls were too afraid to speak for themselves that he might take revenge from failing them again and their degree would go in vain. Today he called my friend and said to join him on a video call.

My friend had enough of this crap so she decided to expose him. She attended the video call just to take screenshots. He kept saying ‘front camera kerain’ ‘camera kareeb kerain’ because she only had the back camera open just to take screenshots.

The viral post was shared on a GCU group

Presenting you the 'prestigious' professor Islah-ud-din from physics department,Government college university Lahore ….

Gepostet von Voice of GCU am Samstag, 25. Juli 2020

He was Clearly ‘masturbating’ as you can see the hint in the picture. He was looking drunk and was shirtless. After taking the screenshots of this piece of shit she turned the wifi off and then he started calling on her sim and sent messages to attend the call.

All the call logs the messages and screenshots that she collected today are attached here. At the start when this Lahore professor started harassing, the females couldn’t understand his tacts and they didn’t record or screenshot his calls but as his intentions kept unveiling him, my friend decided to expose this moron at every cost. I want this GCU Lahore professor to be disqualified and punished strictly for harassing female students.

I want this message to spread so that more students could be confident about speaking up. This message is addressed to the students of GCU LAHORE and specifically to the Vice-chancellor Dr. Asghar Zaidi. Kindly take a notice of this and have strict action at your earliest.”

Since the news broke on the internet, the VC of GCU Lahore has taken action on the incident of this GCU Lahore professor harassing the females. The VC constituted a committee to investigate the case, which also includes a female member. Till now, further details have not been revealed. Previously, students of LGS Lahore also spoke out against multiple teachers for harassment

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