Gaza Israel Cease-Fire and a Possible End

Gaza Israel Cease-Fire and a Possible End

Cease-fire might be on its way for already 34,000 Palestinians have died with over 70,000 wounded bringing Hamas to the table. On the other hand, Israel is facing a huge backlash for its absolute inhuman genocide with the like of Hitler of Germany.

Israel is already facing a hanging sword of a possible arrest warrant by ICJ. Israel’s allies are also facing huge backlash for their support for their blind support.

Israel’s key ally US under the Biden administration is facing huge protests; the US redirecting its educational fund for Israel’s military aid, and a significant number of resignations from government offices.

UK’s foreign secretary and former Prime Minister David Camron recently remarked on this table talk  “a generous offer to Hamas” However the reality in itself is entirely different. The UK itself is being subjected to internal protest against its support for Israel.

UK’s Muslim conversation rate in the last couple of months has risen significantly. This rise can be understood in protest for the Palestinians but in appreciation of their willpower.

Another problem with these allies is the assertion of being politically correct; Hamas being a terrorist organization.

Hamas cannot be considered a terrorist organization but rather a form of resistance. Hamas’s actions can only be understood as a reaction to Israel and the weak Palestinian structure.

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While the Muslim world is seen as numb; Arabs’s trying their best to ease up to Israel. Turkey is always trying to navigate with its geography. 

Pakistan the only self-proclaimed ideological rival to Israel can’t seem to settle its internal turfs; the case of Baluchistan and tribal areas. Iran alone stands as the lone wolf with efforts for trying to unite the Muslim world; Iranian Presidents visit Pakistan. 

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A 40-day cease-fire is on the table with the demand to release hostages kept by Hamas. A smooth ride in this case could end the war, saving the lives of many Palestinians. The world must realize how catastrophic this war has been and how much more it can be. 

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