Gautam Gambhir Helped A Pakistani Girl To Get Indian Visa For Heart Surgery!

Gautam Gambhir Helped A Pakistani Girl

Keeping aside the rivalry Pakistan and India have in between, sometimes the world witnesses humanity rising above all. Normally, these days, both the countries are in a war stance which at times, leads to extreme situations.

Fortunately, this time around, India has taken the ‘humanity’ spotlight by allowing an ill-hearted Pakistani patient inside for treatment. Former Indian cricketer and now politician, Gautam Gambhir helped a young Pakistani girl to get the country’s visa for heart surgery.

Gautam Gambhir keeping all differences behind!

Since India took over the Jammu and Kashmir (J&K), illegally, the bilateral relations between Pakistan and India were cut-off completely. The former Indian cricketer is now a member of Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has also threw dirt at Pakistan several times.

Earlier this month, Gautam Gambhir got trolled for remarking Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan as a role model for terrorists. But recently, Gambhir in humanity, helped a Pakistani girl to get an Indian visa for her heart surgery.

Taking to Twitter, Gautam Gambhir posted a picture of the granted visa with a Hindi poetry. Further, he wrote, Thank u @DrSJaishankar for granting a visa to Pakistani girl & her parents for her heart surgery @narendramodi @AmitShah.”

This was indeed an extremely kind gesture from the former Indian cricketer to keep the differences aside and work humanity. According to media reports, Gautam Gambhir got to know of the Omaima Ali (Pakistani girl)’s deteriorating condition through former Pakistani cricketer Mohammad Younus’s phone call.

The Member of Indian Parliament (MP) Gautam Gambhir then wrote a letter to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MEA) telling them about the ailing girl.

The young patient was receiving treatment in India eight years ago!

It is believed that Omaima Ali has been diagnosed with ‘congenital heart disorder’ which can’t be treated in Pakistan. This ain’t the first time the girl will be getting treated in India. As per Gautam Gambhir’s statement, back in 2012 also, the girl was treated in Noida, India but later her parents took her back to Pakistan after getting to know about the needed heart surgery.

The Pakistani girl’s maternal uncle Ali Nawaz had been in constant connection with the doctors and are now ready to get her niece treated.

Since the news became public, several media outlets have covered the life-saving news. While talking to an Indian news producing company, Gambhir said, “I requested EAM & I am thankful that he has accepted the request and granted the visa. I am thankful to the PM & Home Minister too. Hopefully, she can get treated well.” 

Well, the news came in unexpected as the heated stances between Pakistan and India show a totally opposite visual. Apparently, back in August, Pakistani cricketer Shahid Afridi took a savage dig at Gautam Gambhir over Kashmir Issue.

But the BJP MP’s recent kind gesture sure portrayed his human side to the world. Omaima Ali along with her parents will be driving to India soon for her surgery.

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