Police Arrest Online-Gang Supplying Drugs To Late Dr. Maha Shah In Karachi

online-gang drugs maha shah

The latest development in the mysterious death case of Dr. Maha Shah takes yet another twisted turn. An online-gang involved in supplying drugs to Dr Maha Ali Shah, who allegedly committed suicide in Karachi, was arrested by Karachi police on Wednesday.

Turns out Syed Asif Ali Shah, the father of Dr. Maha, may have been right about a drug ring being involved in the death of his daughter. Police found a lead on an online drug delivery network in Karachi amid the investigation surrounding her mysterious death.

According to the sources, this notorious drug ring operates from Lahore. The network deals in ice, crystal, hashish, and other drugs that are sent to Karachi from Lahore. Reportedly, the police conducted a raid and arrested four drug peddlers who were running an online drug supply chain in Karachi. The culprits were also involved in supplying drugs to Dr. Maha, according to police.

All four culprits have been taken into custody during the investigation. Moreover, the police stated that one of the accused named Saad was the one supplying cocaine to Dr. Maha after she was reportedly made addicted to drugs by Junaid Khan.

42 boxes of cocaine, Hashish recovered from culprits

According to the details, the police recovered 42 boxes of cocaine, hashish, and a motorbike from the procession of the arrested culprits. In addition to this, during the investigation, the accused told police that they used to sell one kilogram of cocaine on the amount of Rs 15,000.

Gang Supplying Drugs To Dr. Maha Shah Gets Arrested
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Moreover, the drug ring’s mastermind is an influential woman among Lahori elitists. Details suggest that this member of Lahore’s influential circle obtains drug orders through social media. Once obtained, she then supplies them to her operation in Karachi.

While investigating Dr. Maha’s suicide case, Sub-Superintendant of Police (SSP) Investigation South, Bashir Ahmed Brohi revealed. He said that an online-gang drug operation has been uncovered and arrested inDr. Maha Shah case. He further added that it supplies drugs to Karachi’s elite areas.

As per Bashir Brohi, young boys and girls addicted to ice, crystal, and other drugs place orders on social media networks, much like ordering food, and other items online. The SSP further revealed that the deceased had sent an order to a woman in Lahore from another social media account. Subsequently, the Lahori woman then sent the supply to her network in Karachi. 

The notorious online drug operation

While talking about the online drug operation, the SSP added that the delivery is made within 30 to 40 minutes at any time in any area of ​​Karachi. Additionally, payments are in cash on delivery.

Furthermore, Brohi added that the group last delivered drugs to the Instagram model at her Clifton clinic. It is to be noted that this was 30 minutes after she placed an order.

After the arrest of the accused online-gang who supplied drugs to Dr Maha Shah, police reached out to other members of the network. As of now, the woman running the operation and other key characters have not yet been arrested.

Meanwhile, the Sindh Health Department has constituted a five-member medical board on a court order to exhume the body of Dr. Maha. Reportedly, it comprises of health officials. However, the final date for exhumation is yet to be finalized and would be decided later.

It is pertinent to mention here that the female doctor had committed suicide by shooting herself in the head in the Defence area of the metropolis on August 19.

However, the story took a turn after more details came to light involving a man named Junaid Khan who reportedly physically and mentally tortured the victim leading her to commit suicide. The accused also escaped from the court in a Rikshaw during the hearing of the case in Karachi.

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