"Gaming Is Profession"-The Benefits Of Video Gaming You Need To Know

“Gaming Is Profession”-The Benefits Of Video Gaming You Need To Know

Living in the 21st century where everything has been digitalized, people are surrounded by tech gadgets which makes their life comfortable and accessible compared to the previous generation.

There has been a lot of debate regarding tech and its benefits. But people should understand now tech has become an important part of our life and it’s necessary for the daily routine.

Just like Video gaming labeled as an addictive drug machine, triggers human in a negative way and many signs that showcase its side effects.

Source: Health Imaging

Video gaming has entered into the sports category, that’s why many gamers compete in the world championship ESport events.

People had created some assumptions based on various YouTube frustrated gamers’ videos and thrown those accusations in front of parents.

Video gaming managed to build up the reputation among the parents, in foreign countries parents do motivate their kids to participate in E gaming competitions because in near future it got more scope and money than the graduated student.

Source: Business Insider

Many of the youngsters getting scholarships by winning E-gaming competitions and making their name in the world of Video games.

That’s very rare, people do share the negative side of gaming but don’t even bother to discuss the bright side of it and encourage youngsters to come forward to showcase their gaming skills.

It’s Got Positivity As Well:

Just like people mentioned the side effects of video gaming, here you will be witnessing the positive side of video gaming and the surprising benefits of it.

Improve Manual Dexterity:

Source: Razer

People who use controllers specifically got more accuracy with hands than others. As the study shows, that those who involved in video gaming 3X times faster than others and made 37 percent mistakes compared to those who don’t.

Increases You Gray:

Source: Interaction Design

For those who don’t know, the Gray matter is linked with muscle control, memories, perception, and spatial navigation.

So, video gaming considered a sort of workout, that helps the brain to increase the gray matter in the brain. Not only that, but it also boosts your brain connectivity as well.

Better Social Skills & Good At Academics:

Source: NDTV Gadgets

What? Does video gaming help in getting good grades? Yes! As per the study, kids who usually spend more time gaming have better social skills, get better grades and develop a good relationship with other students out there.

It happens because of playing some social and other competitive types of games which helps in communicating with other players.

Gamers Don’t Panic, They Come With Solution:

Source: Business Insider

Gamers highly invest their time in completing missions, solving puzzles, and explore the world in video games.

They learn the way to solve problems through gaming, it helps to strategize the whole scenario for their gameplay and their decisions affect their actions.

Video gaming also lets the gamers think wisely, conceive the information and execute.

It’s Hard to be Persistent, But Not Anymore:

Source: Medium

For every person out there, it’s so tough to be persistent whatever he/she does and couldn’t keep it constant as well. Video gaming helps in keeping persistency, how? A gamer trying to complete a mission, but he keeps failing and trying to accomplish the goal.

Every time he gets fails, he will learn and do it again not to repeat the same mistake. Why Fifa players, Fortnite players consistent in their gaming skills, because practice helped them to build up persistence.

Source: EA

Video gamers changed the world and people’s perspective regarding gaming. People don’t see it as the worst nightmare anymore, because even in Pakistan young gamers investing time in true gaming, developing skills and exhibiting over the internet.

People only talk about negativity to stop youngsters to grow in the tech generation. Think logically, if gaming falls in bad court then why every teenager in a foreign country spending hours in video gaming and earning more than a surgeon?

Why parents helping their kids to be part of Esport and make name for themselves? There’s something in it, that’s why.

For all the parents out there, let your kids enjoy the world of virtual gaming because it has more potential than any other field. Right now the gaming industry becoming more valuable than Hollywood in terms of profit. Stop reading false news.

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