Game Of Thrones Season 8 Ep2 Review: Daenerys Shocked And Winterfell Rocked

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*Spoilers Ahead, Carry On At Your Own Risk, No Hate*

In a nutshell, this episode was all about the little buck-up to each other, some reminiscence, contemplation and a final sigh (definitely not of relief but of a certain resignation) before the dead army arrives.

Jamie Delivers The Bad News, Dany Angry At Tyrion


Dany questions Ser Jamie about him arriving alone and not with an army that his sister promised. To which Jamie explains how he was along with them betrayed by Cersei but he chose to fight for the living. Daenerys isn’t pleased with his honorable choice and reminds him of his sister’s pledge.

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Tyrion Comes To The Rescue 

He speaks on his brother’s behalf and informs Dany how Jamie is not a traitor as he came alone to Winterfell without knowing what fate he will meet at the hands of Starks and herself. Dany isn’t having any of Tyrion’s gibber-jabber and if this wasn’t intense enough Sansa Stark joined in telling Dany how Jamie tried to destroy his family and House. Jamie instantly responded about how he was fighting for his family and he’d do it all over again and would not apologize.

Bran Makes Jamie’s Face Turn White

While Jamie is putting his case forward about how he did what any person protecting and fighting for his family would do. Bran adds “The things we do for love” and Jamie gives the most scared and horrific look to Bran. He Remembers!  Brienne of Tarth takes charge and convinces Sansa Stark who trusts Brienne with her life that Jamie is indeed a good man that speaks the truth. Sansa much to her shock believes Brienne and Jon upon being asked by Dany gives Jamie the green signal since they need as many men as they can gather to fight the big war.

The Council is Adjourned And Dany Lashing Out On Tyrion 

It doesn’t look good for Tyrion as he might end up losing Dany’s trust. Tyrion previously did remind her of her short temper; lo and behold she very rudely tells him to get his act together and help her win the iron throne or she will replace him as her Hand while looking at Ser Jorah. Ouch!

Arya Inquires About Her Weapon & Jamie Talks To Bran

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Arya finds Gendry to ask him about her weapon which isn’t ready yet, they have a chat and Arya starts throwing dragon glass daggers casually like its child play with such accuracy which makes Gendry excited and amused; he instantly gets on with her weapon.

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Meanwhile, Bran is out there in the cold, staring at a tree and being creepy as always. Jamie finds him alone and walks up to him a little worried and apologizes for what he did to him. Well, Jamie, it’s too late for that. And if this wasn’t enough of an eye-roll moment Bran decided to not only scare Jamie but us as well. What’s with the “how do you know there is an afterwards?” with dramatic music playing in the background. Since Bran is the three-eyed-raven and never jokes, what he said to Jamie should be taken seriously. Not sure if it’s a hint or he too doesn’t know and simply questioned.

Lots of Chatting And Rebonding

Lannister brothers discuss Dany being a queen and Tyrion speaks highly of her, reassuring Jamie that she will make a good queen. He also continues to talk about Cersei considering himself a fool to believe Cersei’s lie about sending her armies to the North. He questions the reality of her pregnancy as well to which Jamie responds in positive. Jamie still in denial about him making conscious choices and considers himself being betrayed by Cersei to which Tyrion reminds him he knew what kind of a person she is and still loved her.

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Is Jamie free to love another at last? He and Brienne have a moment and I bet along with me you all fans also want to see their love bloom and prosper. The chances of that look slim considering the biggest battle is upon them, although a little late on Jamie’s part but we are glad he showed his car and respect towards Brienne with such sincerity that it definitely got Brienne flustered.

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On the other hand, Ser Jorah goes to Dany and gives a pep talk asking her to forgive Tyrion’s mistakes and let him learn from them. She shows disapproval to which Jorah persuades her or at least tries to by reminding her how she has forgiven him on several occasion and can very well do that again with Tyrion.

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Looks like Dany isn’t backing down in winning Sansa’s favor but *spoiler* it went south pretty quickly as soon as they were bonding quite beautifully. This is the first biggest moment where we see how determined Dany is for the Iron Throne and expects everyone including the north to obey. Sansa asks her when the war is won, what next? To which Dany replies that she will take the Iron Throne and bring justice. But Sansa isn’t convinced since The North doesn’t bow to anyone and they struggle to find common ground.

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Jon Snow Reunites With His Brothers And The Game Plan Is Laid Down

The guys that he went out with beyond the wall and into the Night King’s trap reunite with him at Winterfell and he is more than thrilled because let’s face it, they are some skilled fighters and along with Jon make a strong team of fighters.

Jon, Arya, Sansa, Dany, Tyrion, Jamie, Lady Mormont and several others gathered around the table and planned the best route to victory. Dany doesn’t leave any chance in scoffing at Tyrion and advised him to stay in the crypt during the war, to which Tyrion opposed. Although she mentions how she would need him as her Hand when the war is won and if she survived.

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Bran speaks and every time this boy does it only adds to my worries. He broke the news at the gathering that The Night King will try to kill him and literally just proposed to use him as bait. This was Theon’s moment to repent and atone for his crime and decides to protect Bran with his life; he declares he played a part in ruining the starks and now he will protect one and fight for them. I must say it really made me happy. He has suffered enough. This is it, we have finally reached the biggest climax of Game of Thrones and Winterfell as prepared as best as they could.

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Everyone seems to have worked out their differences, hate, and enmity; now they stand together to fight against one threat and this is definitely something to behold. Or maybe it is for the time being and they wait once the war is over they’d be at each other’s throats.

Brienne Of Tarth Gets Knighted- A Knight Of The Seven Kingdoms

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A Knight of the seven kingdoms – A big honor that Jamie half drunk in a very emotional scene bestowed upon Brienne and the happiness she exuded made me cry for her in joy. Let’s not forget Podrick’s song that definitely set the tone of the last moments everyone shared either alone, with a companion or a lover not knowing if they will survive.

Acknowledgment of Arya having a passionate moment with Gendry after receiving her weapon of choice, we all know there were serious tensions between the two. Poor Arya wanted to experience what it feels like before she meets an uncertain fate. 

Jon Snow Tells Danerys About His Real Name

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You know what they say, you can tell a lot about a person by how they react and the way Dany responded seemed like she is not happy one bit. She said with much bitterness that this will make him the last male Targaryen alive and very much entitled to the Iron Throne. Will Jon give up his throne for love as he did in the past? Guess we’ll find out. This is where the imminent war finally approached the gates of Winterfell.

A chilling last scene where Tyrion looks towards the dead generals that line up looking towards Winterfell. If this wasn’t enough to digest, wait till you see the preview of the third episode. Phew! Too much to take in.

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