The Future Is Inclusive Pakistan

Every one of us has a lot to say on how the future of Pakistan should be. And though our ideas on Pakistan’s future may differ, one thing is for sure and that is we all want to see Pakistan as a developed country with educated, open-minded citizens contributing to its progress.

But we forget that Pakistan is not just ours. It also belongs to a lot of people who we exclude from the society without batting an eye. We also forget that without giving every member of our society the chance and the means to contribute their share of progress, Pakistan cannot become what we all dream it to be.

These members are the differently-abled individuals who are shining even without much support.

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From artists like Sheece Khan who paints despite being visually impaired

Source: Soul Sisters Pakistan

To swimmers like Malek Muhammad who swims without legs


…and Farhan Saeed who plays cricket despite being a polio victim

Source: Cricket Australia

Not to forget – Muniba Mazari, who continues to be a source of inspiration for everyone who sets eyes on her

Source: Maloomaat

Pakistan is full of people who are deemed incompetent by societal standards just because they’re differently-abled but continue to defy the expectations. It’s high time for the rest of us to remove the barriers and give them the rights they have as members of a free state. The topic of inclusion was raised earlier this year by Blue Band in their latest campaign #AcchaiBarhanayDo.

The TVC depicted inclusion in the sweetest way with a group of young boys playing a game of throw-ball like their differently-abled friend would, just so he can join them all in the game. The TVC definitely induced goose bumps and sparked debate over the topic of inclusion. Check it out:

Blue Band is taking the campaign a step further by practically including the differently-abled kids from Special Olympics Pakistan in the society by pairing them up with kids from mainstream schools of Karachi to have them compete in the first-of-its-kind obstacle race being held in Pakistan, titled as “Both Buddy & Me.” This will be the largest inflatable race course Pakistan has seen and will take place on September 17th, 2017.

We’re sure there’s nothing better than bringing all children together under one roof and pairing them as teammates to inculcate the trait of inclusiveness in them. These kids, all of them, are the future of Pakistan and it is important to teach them that they have to build it together!

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