Funny Video: The most amazing Rickshaw Stunt Ever!


No matter how bad your day has been, a hilarious clip, blog, memes or picture can fix your mood instantly.  When it comes to funny videos, Pakistan is no less than any other nation in producing them. Infact, they make the best kind of funny videos.

Pakistani youth, in particular generate hilarious content effortlessly, the most funny of them are the sarcastic one liners or daring videos. Many of the funny videos are based on the political situation of the country, cultural, social and religious taboos and myths of the Pakistani society.

Another form of famous funny Pakistani videos comprises of pranks. Pakistani audience love funny prank videos. Pakistanis are so good at producing funny videos that at times they shoot a funny video unintentionally. Many of the Pakistani singers (read wannabe Pakistani singers) have gone viral because of their music videos.

Pakistanis have a very different approach to address pain and misery. They also find videos capturing harmless accidents and incidents very humorous. This category of videos are most shared and liked on the internet.

The shared video showcases how brave and adventurous Pakistani youth is. The dare devilsh attitude of the youth of Pakistan can stun everyone in this world. The stunts are so vacuous that they are actually funny. This funny video depicts the light hearted-ness of the young boys in Pakistan. The video involves a rickshaw, a driver and a few courageous friends who have opted to almost risk their lives in putting up this video. Check it out to see how brave they are!

In the current political and economical situation of Pakistan, such videos help in lighten up the mood and to motivate oneself. These videos also help in seeing the positive side of the Pakistani nation and a reason to smile in the midst of all the negativity.


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