Funny Things That Happened or Can Happen If You Travel With PIA

PIA woes continue. The national carrier has been in the limelight not for a boastful milestone or a trumping service but for its woeful service for quite a while.

PIA once used to be a credible name in the aviation industry. Holding a top flight status, it was one of the carriers to offer world class services to its customer. However, time showcased the slithering prospect of PIA’s service and now it has lost its reputation.

The recent turn up of events have revealed the declining service of PIA. It shows where our national carrier stands currently and what is the outlook of making its service better.

The PK-661 disaster unveiled an alarming aspect of PIA’s service. The ill-fated ATR42 aircraft reportedly had an engine failure and was 9 years old which crashed and took lives of all people on board.

Shortly after, a Karachi-bound ATR caught fire during its takeoff in Multan. Fortunately, all people on board safely evacuated the aircraft on time before things went down.

We have come across to a lot of incidents where passengers have reported about PIA’s diminishing service. We kept hearing stories after stories of people facing long hours in flight delays, second-rate meals being served and what not. There only have been disappointing events recently turning up one after another and the future is pretty much pictured the same.

But there are things that make you laugh. Yes, our national carrier’s antics go about in a funny way too. Certain things that tend to happen on board or their amusing requests to passengers; it all goes nothing short in making us laugh. Part of a PIA experience.

Here’s one of the funny incidents that went down with a famous personality:

Source: Giphy

Source: Giphy

What is happening to PIA? 

I can recall an incident I heard from someone not long ago. They were flying to Lahore from Karachi when a correspondent from PIA informed them that the plane was overwhelmed and they could not board it. He literally went like, “Jahaz mein jaga khatam hogai hai.”

Source: Giphy

Source: Giphy

Seriously, PIA, we have enough comedians and entertainment, you should not join the bandwagon.

These are funny but it’s about time that they realize that it’s no longer that funny. Get your things together and revive the name again.

I am sure you may have come across to such an incident. There may be a time you could recall when our national carrier went bonkers. You might just have thought they were trolling you for a moment.

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