Funny: English Pakistani Movie in Punjabi Style

Pakistanis are undoubtedly the most talented people in the world. Their level of creativity entwined with humor  is parallel to none. Checkout this funny Punjabi style Pakistani movie which is made in English. This is an old funny clip, showing how exceptionally gifted are the seasoned actors and writers of Pakistan. The video features some of the most funny and talented legends of Pakistani showbiz such as Bushra Ansari, Ismael Tara and Ashraf Butt. These actors perform really well in the video and every scene seems natural.

The best thing about the sit-coms produced  in Pakistan is that the script remains funny without being cheap. The quality of humor in Pakistan is better than any of the countries in the sub-continent. The funny dramas and sit-coms are free of tacky lines and based on pure genius. This video also reflects the level of creativity of Pakistan writers and producers when it comes to funny content production.

Undeniably this funny video is nothing but pure joy. It is fun to watch with friends and family. The originality of the concept of this video can stun anyone. This proves that Pakistanis are no less than anyone, may it be anything. Watch this video to have a good laugh.


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