Funny: The Education System in Pakistan


This funny video filmed in strife torn area of Lyari reveals the state of education in our country. Students of grade eight see education as a form of entertainment, a funny activity minus the seriousness that is needed in education. Pakistan that spends only 2.5 percent on education sees education as a fill in the blank activity. The funny part is that rote learning is the norm and students can write the same essay whether the topic is my cow or my father. The funniest thing is that teachers are non-serious, books are unavailable, and teachers are untrained. The same teacher teaches all the subjects. The fun is that Urdu teacher teaches English and Islamist teacher math and one can wonder the fate of these students. The most important thing is holiday and there are plenty all the year round. The teacher can pronounce football as photo all but who cares. The funny teacher, the funny student, the funny course all make up a funny education system in this video and the rest of the country. This funny video wraps up the darker side of the Pakistani education system in a very funny way.

Check out this video to learn more about the flaws of Pakistani education system, the standard of the education, caliber of the students of government run educational institutions and the education level of the teachers. This video is both funny and saddening at the very same time. It makes one wonders where Pakistan is headed to and what the future holds for our youth. With such an attitude towards education no country can progress. It might seem funny that 8th graders do not know the basics and neither do their teachers, but in actuality, this is very worrisome. Our government should take necessary actions to address this issue.

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