A British Guy Visits Karachi and the Entire Experience Literally Jolted Him With Surprise!

If you have a handful of information about popular YouTubers then you must have come across the channel “FunForLouis”. Louis John Cole is the guy and he uses the particular alias for himself. He’s a popular YouTube celebrity and a filmmaker. He has amassed a following of millions and continues to make headlines of his journeys across the world.

So, recently, Louis visited Karachi and brought his whole crew around him. He was accompanied by a local Karachiite and who rendered as a guide for him around the city. Louis visited Karachi in November during Moharram and recorded major highlights from his entire experience in a video.

via FunForLouis

By the looks of the video, Louis seemed to have the time of his life. The pace of life in Karachi set well with him and he was amazed by the diversity. Not to forget, he was eager to experience the little things that make this city a wonderful and terrible place to live in. Yes, he literally took a walk through the streets of Saddar and experience the raw essence of Karachi.

Watch the whole video, it would literally leave you amazed!

Such an amazing video. It was so enlightening and let’s mention, what a great person Louis is. Simply shows the merit of him as a filmmaker; he particularly covered those aspects that are special to this city in an incredible way.

This video has great views and definitely sends out a positive message about Pakistan for the rest of the world. We feel grateful to Louis for visit Karachi and recording this special video. Amazing stuff!

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