You Can FINALLY Fulfill Your Wish of Getting into Canadian Universities – Here’s How!

Besides the cute prime minister, there are a lot of attractions in Canada and no wonder it’s a hotspot for people nowadays. Talking about the people, they are super friendly people there, all kinds of universities or institutes are available in this gorgeous country. And not to get you intimidated, they are highly educated people. Glad they are super nice, or else we won’t be able to handle all that attitude or ego of knowledge.

So, starting from what subject you want to study in Canada, here’s what you need to know…


If you haven’t already decided what to study or what interests you, get it, dude! Luckily, Canada is that fun kid who understands and welcomes everyone. Whether it’s Computer Science, Psychology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics…It’s all available. So, you just got to make up your mind first.

Scroll through the university websites


The main thing is to research as much as you can about universities once you set your mind on the subject you want to study. Don’t get overwhelmed by the options and confused yourself or freak yourself out. Just relax, Google about it, contact those universities, the officials, ask people around. Ask questions. Gather as much information possible for the best decision ahead.


You have set a dream university on your mind, you really like it and just want to get in it already. Don’t want to burst that bubble but it can be quite tricky because each program and university can have its own set of rules and requirements. Not impossible to get in, ofcourrrsee.

Few things to take care of, check if you are you eligible. Check what documents are needed as they might need original ones and they prefer the ones who apply early or on time, so do apply before the deadline. Pay application fee through credit cards or the Western Union. All the requirements are explained well on the universities websites, so do follow that.


Okay, I know a lot of things to take care of but this is very very important…You may also want to apply to more than one program or university in case you aren’t accepted to your first choice. Once you apply, you will receive an e-mail acknowledging your application. So stay glued to your inbox.

Okay, God has shined his light on you and you get accepted, what after you get accepted?


Get a student permit! You have to apply for a study permit if you intend to study in Canada for six months or longer. You must apply for the permit before you come to Canada. You can apply online (just in the comfort of your home! Can this country get any better?) or submit a paper application to the Canadian visa office responsible for your country.

Okay, so to obtain a study permit, you have to prove that you have enough money to pay your tuition fees, living expenses for yourself, and even mention the expense for family members who come to Canada with you. Rarely, you even have to pass the medical exam. So, like, stay fresh and healthy!

If you want to work while studying, you caaan!


Do you want to work, maybe not, maybe you should, maybe you need the cash? How much will be spent anyway? Really gotta keep track of the expenditures, huh? Maybe if you work for some time for some experience? Decisions, decisions. That’s if you have time. Freshly brewed full-time international students with study permits have been allowed to work in Canada without a work permit. You can work on the campus of your uni if you want to, there are unlimited options! Broaden that mind! Reach the


Alright, I guess that’s about it, this article is mostly an energy boost or more like pushing you to go for your dreams, it’s not as difficult as it seems, although do keep in mind that it will raise a lot of digits in your budget spending. But anything for a better future, am I right? or am I right!

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