Frustrated At Your Current Internet Provider? This Is The Perfect Solution!

The world today feels positively paralyzed without a good internet connection. We open our eyes to notifications on Facebook and WhatsApp. Posting everything on Snapchat has also become a part of our daily ritual now. So one way or another, our entire day revolves around the use of the internet, whether it’s work or just trying to stay connected with our friends and family. Even the first thing on the list when we land in a foreign country is ‘try to get strong Wifi signals’.

In Pakistan, finding a good internet connection with reasonable rates is a challenge in itself. Luckily, the search is over!

source: Facebook

source: Facebook

This independence day, StormFiber launched some incredible internet packages with extremely affordable prices!

Redefining the concept of “Personal Connection”

StormFiber offers FTTH (Fiber-to-the-Home) connection. How is that different from any other connection? Through FTTH, the customer gets their personal optic fiber cables, which means you are not using the same internet connection as your neighbors or friends. You get your own personal connection, which results in higher bandwidth and decreases the chances of downtime and disconnection.

Internet connection with the speed of light? Yes, please!

StormFiber ensures high-speed internet through the use of fiber-optic cables instead of traditional copper wires for data transmission. A fiber optic cable consists of a bundle of glass threads, each of which is capable of transmitting messages modulated onto light waves which allows the data to be transmitted much faster, hence providing a more stable and fast internet connection.

Focus no more on ‘JUST downloading files’!

StormFiber also offers a very attractive symmetric speed feature which means you can now upload and download data at the same speed! Unlike many other internet providers in the market, StormFiber is offering a balanced experience rather than focusing primarily on downloading.

Efficient and timely Customer Care

StormFiber understands the needs of its customers and takes pride in providing great customer care services with minimum response time across all forums including their helplines, e-mail, and Facebook page.

StormFiber has proudly announced its new and affordable packages for customers in selected areas of Karachi and Lahore- but don’t worry, very soon they will be available in all major areas of the two cities!

Here are the details of their offered packages:

Standard PackageUploadDownloadMRCOTC
Ice 2 Mbps2Mbps2Mbps1,299Option to pay Rs12,000 One Time Cost or 12 monthly installments of Rs1,200/month
Cyclone 4 Mbps4Mbps*4Mbps*1,499
Typhoon 10 Mbps*10Mbps10Mbps1,799
Twister 15 Mbps*15Mbps15Mbps2,499
Blizzard 20 Mbps*20Mbps20Mbps2,799
Thunder 30 Mbps*30Mbps30Mbps3,699
Triple Play BundlesUploadDownloadMRCOTC
Twister (Internet-Television-Phone) 10 Mbps10Mbps10Mbps1,999Option to pay Rs12,000 One Time Cost or 12 monthly installments of Rs1,200/month
Blizzard (Internet-Television-Phone) 20 Mbps20Mbps20Mbps2,999
Thunder (Internet-Television-Phone) 30 Mbps30Mbps30Mbps3,799
Triple Play Promotional BundlesUploadDownloadOTCPromotional Offer
Blizzard (Internet-Television-Phone) 20 Mbps20Mbps20Mbps13,00003 Months Internet-Television-Phone FREE
Thunder (Internet-Television-Phone) 30 Mbps30Mbps30Mbps15,000
Typhoon  (Internet) 10 Mbps10Mbps10Mbps4,99901 Month Internet FREE


You can now enjoy uninterrupted streaming, uploading, and downloading with StormFiber! Visit their website to check for availability of their services in your area:

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