This Fruit seller Is An Unsung Hero In PIA Plane Crash Rescue Operation

fruit seller Plane crash

Pakistanis witnessed one of the saddest incidents last week. What was meant to be a blessed day for Muslims, turned into a day of terror as PIA A320, carrying 99 passengers crashed into a populated residential area.

What made this more unfortunate is that the plane was seconds away from a relatively safe landing.

While people are still trying to get over the shock, some are going one step further by leaving their daily duties aside to help those affected by the crash.

Notable names like Edhi and JDC played their part to rescue the plane crash victims. It is also worth to mention the dedication of such unsung heroes who are doing what they can to bring Karachi out of this horrible nightmare.

A little goes a long way

Khalid Hussain, is one of those gems. A daily wage fruit seller. Khalid has stood near the area of the crash and tried to assist the rescue team the only way he can, by distributing mineral water among the brave workers.

It is said that a little goes a long way. The same stands true for Khalid who bears unbearable heat and air pollution in the area just to play his part and help those affected.

He not only offers chilled drinking water to the rescue team, but also to the journalists, police and other law enforcement agencies present on the spot.

Twitter lauds the unsung hero

Twitterati shared Khalid’s photos of distributing water to all present and hailing him the unsung hero.

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Prime Minister Imran Khan also expressed grief over the unfortunate incident.

Many passengers boarded the flight wishing to be reunited with their loved ones on eid. Little did they know that their families will now never see them again. We pray for the families of the victims. May Allah grant them Sabr to get over this truly horrible incident.


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