From Good To Great: The Amazing Journey of Irfan Junejo|

From Good To Great: The Amazing Journey of Irfan Junejo

From Good To Great: The Amazing Journey of Irfan Junejo

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The following write up is about an exceptionally talented YouTuber, who seems to be reaching the zenith of success every single day. Irfan Junejo, a.k.a Junejo is a remarkable vlogger who shares great moments of his life with us. Making him stand out from the crowd of other YouTubers is the way he produces his content, adding music, cinematographic scenes and close up captures enhances the greatness of his videos.

He began as an ordinary vlogger, with a camera and recording of a 3-minute video in his room namely: “My First Vlog”. Who knew that his dedication and tireless efforts would help him gain 20k subscribers in just 8 months. He is quite well known because of his catchy phrases like: “Scenes Kuch Aise Hain” and “Not Coming Slow”.

The best part is that he does not imitate others. His continuous hard work helped him meet some of the greatest celebrities the world longs to meet: Ronaldinho, Ali Hamza, Ali Noor, Momina Mustehsan, Nicolas Anelka and Ryan Giggs. What more, he even got to travel with Ronaldinho in a private jet.

His vlogs in Malaysia and Turkey are quite distinct. He has shared remarkable moments that he experienced there. One of his vlogs: “My Yamaha R6” is a widely watched video with over 450K views alone. What personally inspired me was the way he dedicated himself. He is a keen and diligent person who hasn’t given up. Some of his travel guides to Naran with Mooroo and Khuzdar are just brilliant.

He rose to prominence when he released a video over Karachi Eat Festival issue. Since then, much of his videos are greatly viewed and praised. His work is remarkably creative. It seems he has a bright future ahead of him. You have a long way to go man. Keep it up, Junejo!

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