From Bliss to Woe [Poem]

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I was a hub of laughter,
A  cause of merriment
They made me lonely,
And left me a disaster

the chuckles echoed in me;
For all loved my rides
But they left me barren,
For eternity…

I was a pack of colours,
And a door to mirth
But they left me red,
And the children dead

Now I am nothing,
But a corroded mess
And I hide in myself,
Their shattered bodies

Do mark my words;
That I will avenge
The blood of my children
And their brutal end

And fear me not;
For I shall be cured,
You’ll embrace me again;
And my soul will be inured.

( A poem on the incident of Gulshan-e-Iqbal Lahore –  29, March 2016)

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