The Friendship Between Pakistani Actor Noor Hassan And Indian Actress Sara Khan Is Something You Need To Read About!

When it comes to relations between India and Pakistan, they are always tensed. We have seen how the Indians targetted the Pakistani entertainers who worked across the borders. We have also seen how political extremists, in that very moment, exerted pressure on the Pakistani entertainers, making sure they don’t continue working. In the heat of the moment, actresses such as Mahira Khan and Saba Qamar couldn’t endorse the promotional work of their respective Indian films.

On the other hand, Pakistanis have merely influenced the Indian celebrities who work in Pakistan. After Aly Khan who grew and worked for a number of years of his life in the India coming back to Pakistan, Indian actress Sara Khan joined the Pakistani entertainment industry.

In Case You Don’t Remember Her Work In The Indian Television Industry, This Might Ring A Bell

She worked as a lead character in Starplus’s drama serial Bidaai.

Sara Khan was recently seen sharing the Pakistani silver screen on Ary’s Bay Khudi.

While the show received a lot of good response from the Pakistanis, Sara Khan alongside her co-star Noor Hassan seem pretty close friends!

This Post by Noor Hassan also Made Some Hints That They Might Be In A Relationship, But None of the Actors Spoke About It

Been seeing it everywhere, is it true? @ssarakhan ???

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Sara Takes Noor Hassan As Her “BFF”

The madness begins with my besties ❤? #us #smiles #happiness #indopaklove

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And Even Noor Hassan Has The Same Captions…

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What makes their relationship so interesting is how despite all the political tensions which could influence their professional life, especially of Sara Khan, they both are setting an example of how Indians and Pakistanis should really be like – without the pressure of the political aspects.

Sara continues working in Pakistan for some upcoming projects as well. Additionally, this highlights how our country is not extremist towards allowing the entertainers of our neighbors to earn fame here through their talent. The way Sara Khan is working happily here and building the friendship with Pakistanis is an example.

Love to you all from both of us!

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Entertainers who have nothing to do with the arousing political tensions between the arch rivals. If they are good at something, they should potentially use it without any fears. Sara Khan working in Pakistan is an example of this. And the way Pakistanis appreciate her work despite knowing where she belongs to is what makes this country tolerant. The friendship of Sara Khan and Noor Hassan sends the message of positivity across the nations.

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