Friends Tricked This Poor Man Into Marrying A Transgender And Robbed Him Too!

They say that family we inherit, but friends we choose ourselves. Friendship is a bond so sacred and devoting, that if it is not fulfilled from both ends, it falls apart. One Pakistani found out the reality about his friends in a very harsh manner.

A poor man who hails from Chiniot had his life completely changed and shaken when he decided to get into a second marriage. After he was ready, he asked his friends to help him out in finding a bride.


They always say that one shouldn’t trust their friends a lot, but this poor man decided to do just that. Before showing him the girl, the friends plotted against him and decided to marry him to a transgender. Yes, you read that absolutely correct.

The formal proceedings of the wedding went normally, it was only after the ceremony when he took his wife inside the room did he discover that it wasn’t a woman, but a transgender he had married 3 months ago. He then understood the whole plot that his friends had tricked him into this faulty marriage.

Not only did they marry him to a transgender, but the man’s new wife was also part of a plan to rob him. Before the marriage, the man had paid his ‘soon to be wife’ Sonia, a dancer (transgender), in advance on their Nikkah Ceremony 3 months earlier.


The man absolutely shocked went to the local police station and filed a FIR against his friends and his newly wed wife. The man told the police that he was 52 years old and the reason he wanted to get into a second marriage was that he did not have any children.

Now, the heartbroken man is waiting for justice, as he wants to see his wife and friends behind bars as soon as possible. This is why everyone needs to keep a grave watch on their friends, whether they actually are friends or enemies in disguise. With friends like these, who needs enemies?

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