What Mashal Khan’s Close Friend And Famous Personalities Said On His Death Will Give You Shivers

Mashal Khan, a journalism student from Mardan was barbarically killed in a blasphemy allegation yesterday. A video shows Mashal getting brutally lynched by an angry mob. He was accused of saying blasphemous content on his social media profile and people considered it liable to kill him for it.

Mashal Khan’s appalling death hints to the vile prospect of our society. Our society continues to show the atrocious dogmas it has succumbed to. Pakistanis are shaken and distressed by this tragic incident. It is very alarming and a threat to our social security that must be dealt in some way for sure.dog

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There are also theories that suggest the deceased was actually framed in the blasphemy allegation. It was an act of murder and the blasphemy was used as a bait, according to many theories circulating social media. For now, there’s no concrete evidence what is true. We can only reflect and pick the scattered pieces of a fallen dream and talk about how extremism has taken a toll on our society.

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A friend of Mashal Khan wrote this appalling message after learning the death of his friend

No one believes the Prophet more than I do. I never committed blasphemy, I’m a Sufi myself. Please take me to the hospital. – Mashal Khan’s last words, according to his friend

Followed by, famous personalities in Pakistan had the strongest things to say about it


It’s indeed shocking what happened with Mashal Khan. We need proper reforms and the perpetrators must be dragged to justice for killing him. Blasphemy or not, no one has any right to kill anyone over a claim.

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