Frieha Altaf Apologizes after Receiving Backlash on Mocking People’s Clothing at Islamabad Airport

Frieha Altaf, a renowned model, and celebrity received a heap of backlash after her Instagram stories went viral. Basically, she was at an airport and made stories of mocking how other passengers were dressed for boarding their respective flights.

It caught people’s attention and took no time to spread everywhere. Being a celebrity, one can never know about one’s actions going down for the worst possible sake and Frieha Altaf kind of faced a similar situation. Thereafter, people swung in a debate whether she was right to mock and question other people’s choice. Receiving a buttload of criticism was one thing, there were many who thought it was some sort of a publicity stunt by the celebrity to stay relevant.

Whatever she really meant, it did not go well…

The news has been a hot topic for quite a while now and obviously, the insane backlash she received has compelled Frieha to come clean and apologize.

Frieha Altaf issued an apology in the following tweet:

She further added that she “met” the person whose pictures she took online

The last bit where she mentioned that she had met the person, I mean, why would she still post pictures of them if she had been acquainted already?

It goes without saying but looks like Frieha Altaf had little idea about this would go. What do you guys think?

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