Free Fire X Peshawar | We Are Free Fire Survivors

‘Thank you, Peshawar for the overwhelming response!’

We are amazed at the response Free Fire got from Peshawar. This was mainly due to an event like this happening for the first time in Peshawar. The crowd absolutely loved the games that were displayed.

There were numerous prizes that were awarded to participants. The total prize pool consists of 7 Million PKR.

Let’s have a look at the video.

‘We are Free Fire Survivor’ campaign started from Karachi and moved on to Peshawar & Rawalpindi. Lahore is the final destination for this campaign. Free Fire has received immense support and appreciation for the Pakistan Tour that they have carried out this November.

The live streaming of gaming and battlefields in person made the audience go wild. There was so much thrill and enthusiasm in the crowd. The victory was quite prominent on the faces of the winners. They proved that gaming is not useless and they can actually earn through it.

Here’s a glimpse of what Peshawar had to offer for Free Fire.

Final Stop: Lahore 14th November – Packages Mall

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