Sindh Govt Sends Help To Former Cricketer With COVID-19 Symptoms

Sindh Govt Sends Help To Former Cricketer With COVID-19 Symptoms

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Former Pakistani test cricketer Sadiq Muhammad has recently made a humble appeal to the Pakistan government regarding his health. In a video message, Muhammad revealed that he was experiencing COVID-19 symptoms since last night. He requested the government to conduct the testing at his home.

Since the former cricketer is now 74-year-old and very prone to catch the virus, he made a sensible request to the Sindh government.

“I am witnessing some coronavirus symptoms (dry cough, chocked throat) since last night. I don’t want to visit the hospital since I’m quite old and can be infected from the virus if I go out. However, I want to request the Sindh government to conduct the testing at my home,” he said.

Taking notice of the video message, Sindh’s government representative Murtaza Wahab sent a medical team to conduct the testing. “Thank you for highlighting it. Have taken note of it & Deputy Commissioner East has contacted Sadiq Sahab. The team is on its way for taking his COVID-19 test,” he wrote on Twitter.

The government’s immediate action regarding the issue is quite appreciable.

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Sadiq Muhammad is a former Pakistani cricketer and younger brother of the former Pakistani batsmen Hanif and Mushtaq Mohammad. He made his debut against New Zealand in 1969, and he played his final cricketing innings against the West Indies in 1981. He was one of the legendary Pakistani cricketers.

Now, in this time of need, the government should take care of the Pakistani legend. Due to his age, the chances of getting coronavirus are higher.

Coronavirus in Pakistan

The number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in Pakistan rose to 10,927 on Thursday after new infections were confirmed in the country.

Moreover, most recently, Pakistan’s renowned philanthropist Faisal Edhi also contracted coronavirus. It raised alarms across the country as he was meeting important people in Pakistan in the past few days. Faisal Edhi also met Prime Minister Imran Khan recently in Islamabad to give him a donation.

Reportedly, the head of the Edhi Foundation came to Islamabad by road. He handed over a cheque for Rs10 million to the prime minister for the coronavirus relief fund. Later, the premier also had to go through a test for COVID-19. Health authorities collected his sample and the result is expected on Wednesday. The decision was made as per a standard operating procedure (SOP) suggesting that every contact of a confirmed COVID-19 case should undergo a test. He was lucky after his test results came negative.


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