This Pakistani Ad is so Cute that even Grown-ups are Loving It!

Pakistani people are very talented and skillful. But there’s one thing I’ve never seen them do well is animate things. They can’t make cartoons for the life of them. Either they look like something out of the 90’s or the music is painful to listen to.

I didn’t really get it. We have no lack of resources. We don’t have any lack of vision either because Pakistanis are one of the most creative people out there.

This is why it was a very welcome surprise when a local brand like RIO made an advertisement that was like nothing before!

Marching Tune TVC

March along with the OBO's to the tune of RIO! #PeekFreansRIO #OBOs #UmmmMmmm

Posted by PeekFreans Rio on Friday, August 24, 2018

Aren’t they adorable? They look so cute while singing along with the Marching Tune, which itself is very well-made. I know for a fact it’s gonna take a few days before the jingle gets out of my head.

Not only that but the ad is extremely well made as well. The animations are very good, something that you’d find in Hollywood movies. Seeing RIO make such great animations really makes me proud of Pakistan. We are capable of so much.

The Ad also appeals to kids. Parents all over Pakistan are worried about their kids getting a negative influence from TV and social media. Fun, humorous, and quirky ads like this are not only child-friendly but greatly enjoyed by kids. It’s a win-win situation!

Above everything else though, is the wholesomeness of this Ad. It is purely light-hearted and makes you feel warm and glowy inside. Maybe it’s about time the rest of Pakistani media followed RIO’s example and started making such content. Don’t you think so?

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