Here’s Why A Foreign Head Coach Is More Favorable For Team Pakistan

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The performance of Team Pakistan seemed very questionable in World Cup 2019. All the players were very clearly lacking the spark. People tried guessing the reasons behind such poor play. Some blame the incompetence and apathetic of the players. Other blamed the selection committee for choosing the wrong players. Then there were the ones who wanted the Pakistan Cricket Head Coach, Mickey Arthur to step down from his position. Indicating him to be the reason to not keep the team in form. 

Developments By PCB After World Cup

And so that happened. PCB didn’t renew the contract with Mickey Arthur and is now on a hunt to find a new Head Coach. But this wasn’t the only step that was taken. Many of the players who were identified as incompetent were also dropped from the team for 2019-20 as well. And the selection team is also set to be revised sooner or later. 

As the hunt for the Head Coach progresses, everyone started weighing on the chances of the next head coach being a foreigner or a local.  Adding on the pros and cons of both. 

However, as far as the discussion has gone, we see more people in favor of a foreign coach. For multiple reasons. With multiple justifications. It would be a shock if PCB still opts for a local coach.

Reasons Why PCB Should Hire A Foreign Pakistani Cricket Head Coach

The first reason being the pool of players that the coach will have to work with. And second, the system in which he will be functioning.

Selection of a coach in a place where the system of merit and evaluation is so weak has to be set on different criteria. Because it has been observed in the past that the coaches have been favorable to certain players than the others. Which however wasn’t proved. But was very evident.

This affects the coordination and unity of the team negatively. As the players also feel the bias of the coach. And start rebelling against the captain, the head coach, and the other team players. Which is what the public and experts noticed throughout all three matches that were lost by Team Pakistan at the start of World Cup 2019. Which got people wondering ke ye World Cup ka match tha?!

It was mentioned on various platforms that there was grouping amongst the team. And that is what lead to the mess we saw in the first few matches of World Cup 2019. But once the team started playing well, these rumors went away.

However, professionalism does not allow any kind of bias. So the selection committee and the Head Coach should be free of all biases. Taking their decisions merely on the basis of the players’ performance. Hence, none of the Pakistani legends can be appointed as the Head Coach. The reason being that most of them are affiliated with one or the other Super League Teams. So there come the bias opinions.

So in this case, a foreign coach will come fresh and have a neutral point of view on all matters. He will treat all the team players equally as none is his favorite.

The Major ‘But’

But there’s always the fact that there is no one better than Pakistani legends who could teach Team Pakistan in a better way. As they themselves were considered the best players of their times. And another factor that weighs their side is the language preference.

The team faces a language barrier with a foreign Head Coach. So when they are playing under a local Coach they are able to share their concerns and problems better. And hence, its relatively more convenient for the Coach to deal with the team.

It isn’t considered a big issue, however, it is. All team players should be fluent in English too. So at least this wouldn’t be a concern of the board to be kept in mind while selecting a Head Coach.

Otherwise, the bias of a local Coach is a major issue which will always be there unless a permanent solution for merit is suggested. Hence, currently, the best possible option is to opt for a foreign coach.

Do you think the Head Coach being a foreigner or a local makes any difference? Let us know in the comments.

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