“Nutella Spot” – The Heavenly Bakery Opens In Islamabad

Nutella is not just a spread, it is the reason people smile.  It can be called the thing that makes one fall in love with not only its taste but its colour, it smell and literally about anything and everything that includes a dose of Nutella in it.


Source:- www.facebook.com/thenutellaspot

Now if you are one those Nutella- heads that just can’t live without the stuff, then boy do we have some good news for you!!!

“The Nutella Spot !” which is located in the busy F-11 Markaz of Islamabad is heaven for nutella lovers. It has small wooden bars with Nutella Jars placed all around the shop for decoration. Despite the lack of space, watching the staff prepare your meal using ample amounts of Nutella is a treat within itself which promises a unique experience for anyone who comes.


Source:- www.facebook.com/thenutellaspot


Now coming towards the menu.  As the name suggests, Nutella is the main ingredient in each dish that the restaurant has to offer. But the thing which really makes this place awesome is the diversification of the entire menu. Starting off from a Nutella Pizza to Nutella Cupcakes, French Toasts, brownies, rich variety of shakes and Coffee. This diverse menu really makes it difficult for a customer to select his choice of meal and the best thing is the price itself. All the products are within the price range of Rs.150 to Rs.450.


Source:- www.facebook.com/thenutellaspot

The highlight of the entire menu is the Nutella Pizza. Something which is being offered in Islamabad for the first time. The pizza comes along with a perfectly baked crust filled with mouthwatering Nutella that surely hits the taste buds of the customer.


Source:- www.facebook.com/thenutellaspot

With such diverse options available in the menu, a welcoming staff and the items made using proper hygienic methods; “The Nutella Spot” is a place which is definitely worth visiting.

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