FOODPANDA Becomes Cupid For ‘Singles’ With Valentine’s Day Discounts!

As the celebrations of love are about to begin, romance has spread all over. But, unfortunately, everyone’s not that lucky. This Valentine’s day, when couples will be locking eyes and making life long promises to each other, singles are in for something more exciting. foodpanda is giving out incredible discounts this 14th February and singletons can’t stop drooling over their delicious Valentine.

Lonely and hungry? Make foodpanda your partner this Valentine’s day!

So, why wait? Satisfy your cravings with foodpanda now with the hope that you’ll not hear ‘i have a boyfriend’ in return. Currently, Pakistan’s social media is flooded with posts asking foodpanda to be their food mate this Valentine’s day. Not coming slow, foodpanda has come up with exclusive discounts for all the lonely people out there who used to think that ‘unki wali alag hai’.

Foodpanda Discounts Valentine's Day

Wait! This isn’t all. Since Valentine’s day is primarily to celebrate love, the piping hot foodgasm is not only for the loners. Showing singles the love they actually deserve, foodpanda has offers for everyone. To all the couples in love and those who are ‘prone’ to love can easily avail the discounts and make their way to the heavenly world of exceptional delicacies.

foodpanda to the rescue!

Well, there’s no deniability that foodpanda has always been the support system for many when it comes to sudden food cravings. As of now, people are hitting pretty hard on foodpanda because ‘line to sab maartay hain’. While some shared their wonderful experiences with the app, others tried to serenade it with awkward cheesy pickup lines but obviously its all worth it.

Why fear? When foodpanda is here!

Except for food!

That’s what the mouthwatering food does to you!

Bs 10? Koi baat nai, foodpanda hai na!

Woah! That was pretty slick from foodpanda!

Foodgasm till the end!

Don’t worry, foodpanda has got your ‘single’ back!

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”Hello apna order receive kr len!”

Relationship status: In a love affair with foodpanda!

foodpanda’s classic way of striking the food wand at the right time must be appreciated. Because nothing beats loneliness better than tempting food. This Valentine’s, foodpanda is giving out unbelievable discounts and exclusive deals on many market-leading eateries across Pakistan. So, don’t wait like those who wait for the ‘right time’ and satisfy your food urges with foodpanda.

Make foodpanda your valentine this year because ‘ye dhoka nahin dega’!

What are you going to order from foodpanda? Tell us in the comments section below!

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