Foodpanda Showers Love On Riders Who Rescued People During Terrible Karachi Rains

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With Karachi suffering the worst monsoon in the last handful of years, it seems the time now is for ‘apni madad aap’ for people. In an episode of courage, bravery, and wishful thinking, foodpanda riders turned superheroes for Karachiites in the recent rains.

While every man was running for their own life, a bunch of foodpanda riders in Karachi had something else in mind. 


The video went so viral that even major TV channels of Pakistan covered the news and paid their tribute to these courageous foodpanda riders.

WATCH: foodpanda riders helping people stuck in Karachi rains


A viral video from the horrific scenes in Karachi depicts how these riders, without any protective equipment, risked their lives to save others in an extremely tough situation. 

With rainwater taking over the roads of Karachi, all people had in mind was to go home to their own families. With no support from police, district administration or other ‘welfare’ organizations, it seemed foodpanda riders decided they were going to take their heroics up a notch. 

With the velocity of water increasing, these foodpanda riders from North Karachi Zone assisted women, children, old people, and anyone else who needed help. The riders would stick together and help people crossroads, pull out stuck bikes from the water, helping people in cars, and everything else in their power. 


All the riders involved in the incident were called to the foodpanda headquarter and were bestowed with appreciation certificates and gifts from the CEO.

This tribute to their brave work brought smiles to the faces of the foodpanda riders, who had done what even the government could not in these rains.

CEO foodpanda Nauman Sikandar took the initiative of the tribute and said: “It is a very proud day for us. You must have seen the viral video where our foodpanda riders were helping a woman cross the road, it was heartwarming.”

When the foodpanda riders from North Karachi Zone were asked about the incident, this is what they had to say. “We were confused, our bikes were getting stuck as well, but when we saw that people needed help, we decided to focus on it despite the conditions,” said one foodpanda rider.

“A poor woman had been waiting for a long time, that maybe the rain would slow down and she would cross the road. When we saw how long she had been waiting for, we took the initiative of helping her cross the road,” added another rider.

“It feels good. My heart feels content. That we were able to help some people who actually needed help at the time. We are glad that we were present there in the right time,” said one foodpanda rider with joy.

All in all, it can be said, that when the government failed, people took their fates in their own hands. The worst rain Karachi has ever seen, would have been much worse if people like these foodpanda riders did not turn saviours for others. Well done boys, Karachi is proud of you!

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