FOODPANDA Is Bringing A Crazy 30% Discount For Mastercard Users And The Internet Is In Love! 

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With almost two months into the lockdown due to COVID-19, Pakistanis are missing their food from their favorite eateries more than anything else. Even though we can not experience the feels of dining in, foodpanda is still helping us enjoy our favorite food items!

Last Ramadan would have been super boring if we didn’t get the chance to eat the best food from our favorite restaurants. As always, foodpanda came to our rescue, that too in good time.

But to add to the excitement, foodpanda is now offering a flat 30% discount on any eatery on the foodpanda app. Yes, you read that absolutely correct. The flat 30% discount is for all Mastercard users from UBL, HBL, Askari Bank, and JS Bank.

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So, if you have a Mastercard from the banks stated above, now would be the perfect time to avail the flat 30% discount from your favorite restaurants till the 20th of June. Once the news was out, Pakistanis took to social media to showcase their joy over this jawdropping deal.

People have been teaching their friends on how to use the code properly

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When you see a great foodpanda discount deal, but realize you don’t have a Mastercard

Akif Rajpoot definitely realizes a ‘great offer’ when he sees one

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These guys surely know that ‘party on hai’ with foodpanda and Mastercard

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This unprecedented collaboration between foodpanda and Mastercard has people so excited, they are even making memes on it. The virality of the deals and the food that follows is what people love the most!

Here’s a tutorial on how you can avail the foodpanda x Mastercard discount

Moreover, the foodpanda heroes, yes the riders who are our heroes for providing us with the best food on time, are taking all the precautions necessary in doing so. From regular monitoring of the heroes’ temperatures (for fever) to disinfecting the foodpanda boxes before delivery, the company is definitely following all the SOPs.

Apart from this, the distribution of hand sanitizers, masks, gloves, and other essentials have become a regular practice for foodpanda. The delivery heroes from foodpanda are also advised to practice social distancing, maintaining a distance of at least 3 feet while performing their duties. The concept of ‘contactless deliveries’ has been doing wonders in the process.

So, what are you waiting for? I’ve just availed a flat 30% discount on my order from foodpanda through my UBL Mastercard this afternoon, and can’t wait to recommend it to my friends.

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