This Rider Went A Little Too Far To Help A Bunch Of Friends At Hyderabad Train Station!

This Rider Went A Little Too Far To Help A Bunch Of Friends At Hyderabad Train Station!

The way that our mobile and its features have eased up our lives is very commendable. With the introduction of service apps especially, we don’t even have to move anymore. With the help of these “apps”, we can now buy anything or any services online in a matter of mere seconds. It’s like the market place exists in our own mobile phones. The hassle to actually move and make an effort does not exist anymore.

The future is here!

These applications have given this already fast-paced world a huge push. Whether it be your shopping needs or the need to buy some grocery for your home everything can now be bought online. Another plus point that makes online shopping so much convenient is the number of options you get to choose from. It’s like a consumer haven, as now it will be so easy for you to make a decision.

Recently, a story posted on Swot’s Guide caught our attention! At first, it looked like a simple post by someone who was left satisfied with a good service. No big deal.. we all have been there, but if you think about it, you will realize that in fact, the story broke new grounds.

The next part of the story is very interesting and crazy!

The post in the discussion was posted by a guy named Muzamil Rathor who was traveling from Karachi to Hyderabad by train. Muzammil and his friends upon realizing had forgotten to bring food for the road were pretty bummed out.


However, they had this idea of ordering food from Foodpanda which will be delivered to them upon their arrival at Hyderabad. They ordered from Burger Lab and to their surprise, the food was there waiting for them at the station before the train even got there. The order was delivered from the rider of Foodpanda who waited 45 minutes to complete his duty.



Imagine you are living in a dystopian future where everything is preconceived and waiting for you before you even need it. Imagine how much time would it save and even your energy. This incredible serviceability of Foodpanda surely is giving us those feels. We can only wish that our train service was also run by Foodpanda so that just like our food we would arrive on time as well.

We all must have heard about Foodpanda till now and know what it does. It has the highest number of restaurants listed in its portfolio which means unlimited options. But the thing which makes Foodpanda stand above all of its competitors is its excellent service. Providing its own riders and keeping value for time has made Foodpanda the most reliable food ordering app there is.

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